Mango Takes the #10 Spot for Fruit Popularity

Mango Takes the #10 Spot for Fruit Popularity

Orlando, FL. — The National Mango Board is celebrating mangos breaking the top ten in whole fruit volume velocity. In 2017, Mango held the number 17 spot. Mango’s movement to mainstream, along with support from the mango industry and retail partners has contributed to this growth throughout the last 5 years. 

Adding to mango’s success, mango volume grew +0.7% in volume velocity versus a year ago while the fruit category as a whole decreased in volume by -3.5%. We know mango as the world’s most versatile and flavorful superfruit. We are thrilled to see that more and more people are inclined to agree while embracing the joy of mango.

Many resources, education, and hard work went into achieving this substantial growth. Congratulations to the retailers and entire mango industry that contributed to this achievement.

About the National Mango Board

The National Mango Board is an agriculture promotion group supported by assessments from both domestic and imported fresh mangos. The board’s vision, for mangos to move from being an exotic fruit to a daily necessity in every U.S. household, was designed to drive awareness and consumption of mangos in the U.S. marketplace. One serving or ¾ cup of the superfruit mango contains 70 calories, 50% of daily value of vitamin C, 15% of daily value of folate, 15% of daily value of copper, 8% of daily value o