Salinas Spring Vegetable Shipments Expected to Have a Rocky Start

Salinas Spring Vegetable Shipments Expected to Have a Rocky Start

Significant weather factors played havoc with the transition of Salinas Valley vegetables to the deserts of California and Arizona several months ago. It is now time for that transition from the south to Salinas and weather conditions up north are going to result in a rocky return.

Shipping gaps and disruptions are already occurring and will continue until at least early on many vegetable items. The problems started when rains prevented plantings from occurring on time. This will adversely affect the size, weight and condition of the product at harvesting.

Caution is urged when loading Salinas vegetable and make sure your receiver knows what quality, size, etc. of product they will be receiving.

There will be delayed shipments of broccoli and cauliflower in the Salinas Valley because of the excessive cold temperatures in February.

Florida vegetables will be an attractive alternative to Salinas for receivers until Florida starts winding down in April and May.

Celery volume will be limited this spring.

Oxnard received a lot of rain, delaying plantings during the early part of the farming season. However, there are Huron loadings of Iceberg lettuce, which will assist more consistent production of Iceberg through the transition period from the desert to the Salinas Valley. There are very few shipping from Huron this spring. Many will not be making the transition from the desert to Salinas or Santa Maria without shipping gaps.