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Significant Rebound is Seen with California Navel Shipments

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California navel orange shipments may be down nearly 20 percent this season, although growers and shipper are not complaining considering the over production and poor markets of last season.

There was a huge navel orange crop with shipments hitting 80 million 40-pound cartons, and this doesn’t even count fruit that fell to the ground and product so small it didn’t make grade.

California Citrus Mutual of Exeter, CA is pleased the navel orange forecast for the 2019-20 season is down to 73 million cartons. As of mid January about 20 percent of California’s navels had been harvested, very similar to a year ago.

California grower-shippers are expecting ample supplies, large sizes and good-quality fruit.

Johnston Farms of Edison, CA believes there will be good supplies, better sizing and quality on navels over last year. The company has just wrapped up its satsuma mandarin season and is transitioning to murcotts. Good quality is reported.

Shipper, packer Cecelia Packing Corp. of Orange, CA expects navel volume to slow down a little in late March or early April since there will not be a lot of late varieties this year.

SunWest Fruit Co. Inc. of Parlier, CA is experiencing increased volume with its cara cara navel oranges. The grower, shipper points out its increased volume with cara cara navels has not come at the expense of its navel orange loadings.

Southern California oranges – grossing about $6200 to New York City.

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California Navel Orange Shipments Forecast to be Down 7 Percent in New Season

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California navel orange shipments are predicted to be off 7 percent from last seasone.

With harvest expected to begin this month, the USDA predicts California navel shipments will be 76 million (40-pound) cartons, down 7 percent from the previous year.

Of the total navel orange crop in California, the USDA reports 73 million cartons are estimated to be in the central San Joaquin Valley.

Survey data indicated a fruit set per tree of 319, below the 5-year average of 366. The average Sept. 1 diameter was 2.169 inches, about 2 percent below the five-year average of 2.225 inches. The cara cara orange set was 268 with a diameter of 2.185 inches.

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Shipping Updates: CA Navels and Lemons; Plus WI and RRV Potatoes

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DSCN4971The California navel forecast of 86 million 40-pound cartons — up from 76 million last season — is larger than originally predicted.  Shipments are just starting out of the San Joaquin Valley.  Volume will be increasing as we get latter into October.

Central San Joaquin Valley fruits and vegetables – grossing about $6400 to New York City.

Lemon Shipments

Lemon shipments out of  California and Arizona from the desert growing region, which will provide most loadings for the next few months, with volume expected to be off by 15 to 20 percent compared to a year ago.  However, volume out of the San Joaquin Valley should be similar to a year ago.  Lemons shipments will continue out of the desert until December before moving to the San Joaquin Valley.

Wisconsin Potato Shipments

Wisconsin potato yields are expected to average 440 to 460 hundredweight per acre, which is considered very good.  A year ago, the Badger State averaged between 410 and 420 per acre, which also is considered to be good.  (add # shipments per week)  Harvest continues.

Central Wisconsin potatoes – grossing about $1000 to Chicago.

Red River Valley Potato Shipments

90 percent of the Red River Valley crop from North Dakota and Minnesota will be harvested in October.   Some potatoes have been going directly into the fresh market, but most are being placed into storage.  Average yields and shipments are seen for this season.

Grand Forks, ND red potatoes – grossing about $1750 to Chicago.




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