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Good Volume with California Pear Shipments are Seen

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Sacramento, CA — California pear farmers began harvest in early July kicking off the season in the River growing district. Most growers began harvest of light volume on July 7 with volume increasing the week of July 11th.

“After several years of late harvests for California pear farmers, it’s great to be back to normal crop timing in early July,” said Chris Zanobini, Executive Director of the California Pear Advisory Board. “It appears demand for California pears is strong this year in both the fresh and cannery markets. Growing conditions have been excellent this year to produce a uniform sized, high-quality crop.”

The California Pear Advisory Board met recently in Courtland to set its annual pre-season crop estimate. Total anticipated production for all varieties is predicted at 2,257,000 boxes. This volume includes Golden Russet Bosc and red pear varieties that are growing in popularity as well as over 200,000 boxes of organic Bartlett and Bosc pears.

The River growing district represents the largest volume of California pears, followed by the Lake County region, expected to begin harvest on August 1. The Mendocino region is the third-largest producer and will start harvest just after Lake County between August 1 and 5. 

“We’re stressing the fact that Bartlett pears can be ripened on the counter where they will turn from green to yellow, like bananas, and become softer, juicier and sweeter, “ said Zanobini. “But unlike bananas, when Bartletts reach the desired level of ripeness, they can be placed in the refrigerator where they will last for several more days. This unique characteristic of Bartlett pears can help consumers stretch their food dollars and reduce food waste – both important benefits in 2022.”

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California Pear Shipments to Get Normal Start in Early July

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California pear shipments will be getting off to a normal start in early July, after two years of late harvest starts,

Greene and Hemly of Courland, CA report Bartletts in California’s River District will start the season.

Growers are preparing for the season with an uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and safety of employees is factoring into preparation decisions.

“We employ 450 people in our farms and packinghouse,” Chiles Wilson, owner of Rivermaid Trading Co., Lodi, CA., said in a press release by the California Pear Bureau. “We want to make sure we can give them their jobs back this year. It’s not just about us as farmers but all the people we employ and their families.”

The California Pear Advisory Board is focusing on flavor, particularly on the effects of ethylene blocker 1-MCP, commonly used in storing different fruit to halt the ripening process.

California pear growers ship only new-crop pears. 

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California Pear Shipments are Just Getting Started

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By California Pear Advisory Board

Domestic pears are back in season as California has just begun shipments.

California pear shippers are predicting they will harvest 2.28 million packages of Bartlett pears this summer, which is slightly more than last year’s crop of just over 2 million packages. In addition to Bartlett, the primary variety grown in California, the state is anticipating another 500,000 boxes of other varieties led by Golden Bosc.  Additional heirloom varieties to be offered include Sunsprite, Starkcrimson, Red pears, traditional Bosc, Comice, Seckel and French Butter along with a limited supply of organic varieties.

The River Delta growing region in California will be first to harvest of Bartletts July 22 with the Mendocino growing area harvest predicted for August 5 and Lake County to begin August 12.  Pears are sold by 4 California pear shipping companiess that include:  David J. Elliot & Son and Greene and Hemly Inc., both of Courtland; Rivermaid Trading Company, Lodi; and Scully Packing, Finely.

This means that retailers and consumers can look forward to having fresh U.S. pears in their stores again instead of buying pears from other countries or from storage.  

“To ensure top quality, most shippers will be hand-selecting the largest fruit first and pre-conditioning so consumers can enjoy ripe, ready-to-eat fruit from the beginning of our season,” says Chris Zanobini, Executive Director of the California Pear Advisory Board.   

“Now is the time for retail stores nationwide to begin planning promotions for these early season, freshly harvested California pears,” stresses Zanobini. “In fact, marketing research clearly shows the early summer pear season is absolutely the most profitable for retail pear sales.”

When the harvest started, California had the only freshly harvested pears available.

California growers believe in harvesting and marketing the traditional way versus using controlled atmosphere storage or chemically treating the fruit for longer storage life. So, California can offer a fresh pear for its entire shipping period.

California pears have a rich history as one of the first tree fruits planted and sold commercially in the nation. Some 60 farming families continue to produce pears in California on orchards that can be over 100 years old.

“Today’s California pears are grown by fourth and fifth generation families who are farming the same land their grandparents and great-grandparents did during the California Gold Rush,” explains Zanobini. “The California Bartlett pear is truly heirloom variety and we want consumers to enjoy the rich history of our farming community as much as they enjoy our pears.”

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Exchange Rate is Helping Quebec Veggie Exports to U.S.; California Pear Shipments have Started

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DSCN9669A strong exchange rate is helping Quebec vegetable shippers increase their exports to the United States.  Meanwhile, California pear shipments are underway.

With the incentive of a strong exchange rate, Quebec growers have been exporting vegetables ranging from radishes, leaf lettuce and asparagus..

Since 2012 members of the Quebec Produce Growers Association have been exporting nearly 50 percent of its vegetables and this is expected to increase on 2017.   Most of those exports are to the U.S. including the East Coast, mid-west and Texas.  Various types of lettuces (such as iceberg and leaf), as well as cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower are now being shipped.  Green peppers and cantaloupe should be starting any day now, followed by colored peppers in mid-August.

Produce cooperative Groupe Vegco Inc., in Sherrington,  has been shipping carrots, colored beets and celery root since June.

Isabelle Inc.  of Saint Michel started digging 1,000 acres of whites, reds, yellows and russets in early July.  Last year, the company exported 15 percent of its product to the East Coast.

California Pear Shipments

California bartlett pear shipments should total about 2 million 36-pound box equivalents this season, which got underway around the Fourth of July.  That is almost equal to last year’s  loadings, although some other pear  varieties will take a hit.

Lake and Mendocino counties will have significantly fewer pear shipments than last year, which had a bumper crop.   Last year’s combined shipments for all California varieties was 3.1 million boxes.

Bosc and golden bosc are down about 30 percent  from 2015, with most of the reduction in the early Sacramento River district.

Rivermaid Trading Co. of Lodi packs and ships more than half of California’s fresh pears, as consolidations have reduced the number of packers from a dozen or so a decade ago to only four today.

Rivermaid expects over 1 million boxes of bartletts, and about 200,000 boxes of bosc pears out of about 400,000 total.  Scully Packing Co. of Finley, began  with mountain bartletts in Lake and Mendocino counties, with boscs coming August 1st and all other varietal pears by mid- to late-August.

The latest California pear shipments will overlap with Pacific Northwest loadings, with bartletts available all the way into October from the Golden State while Yakima, Wash., starts the same variety typically in the second week of August.

One of the challenges of California pear shippers is the lack of extended storage like is available in the Northwest.

San Joaquin Valley stone fruit and pears – grossing about $6800 to New York City.


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California Pear Shipments are Under Way

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DSCN7650California pear shipments have gotten underway with volume expected to be down a little, but similar to a year ago.

California is forecast to ship about 2 million 36-pound boxes of Bartlett pears, the leading variety.

However, Bosc and golden bosc are down about 30 percent from 2015, with most of the reduction in the early shipments coming out of the Sacramento River district.    Red pears are also down from last year, particularly from the early district.

Bartlett pear shipments started the week of  July 3rd.  Rivermaid Trading Co. ships over half of California’s fresh pears, and expects to load over 1 million boxes of bartletts.  The other three California pear packers are Scully Packing, David J. Elliot & Son and Greene & Hemly.  The California pear industry has experienced considerable consolidation.  Just a few years ago there were over a dozen packers.

Pear loadings have gotten off to a fast, early start, beginning with Lake County.

Mountain bartletts are expected to begin around July 25th in Lake and Mendocino counties, and boscs by August 1st.    Remaining pear varieties pears will be available by mid- to late-August.

The northern reaches of California production will overlap with Pacific Northwest production, with bartletts available all the way into October from the Golden State.  The Yakima Valley in Washinton state typically starts with pear shipments in the second week of August,

Last year’s combined volume for all California pear varieties was 3.1 million boxes.

The crop might be down a little, possibly 5 to 7 percent on the bartletts from last year.   The red pears are going to be very comparable to a year ago with the new varieties coming on.  Golden bosc pears will probably be off 15 to 20 percent due  to a severe blight problem on the river that hit the crops.  Lake and Mendocino counties will have significantly less pear volume than last year, when a bumper crop materialized.

Southern and Central San Joaquin Valley stone fruit and tomatoes – grossing about $5800 to Atlanta.



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California Pear Shipments are Underway; Cranberries to be Imported

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003Growers from California’s two primary pear growing regions—Lake and Mendocino counties and the Sacramento River Delta—are wrapping up harvest this year with positive reports about fruit quality.  The two regions combined should ship approximately 170,000 tons of pears this season that will be shipped to fresh markets ranging from retailers to wholesalers and foodservice operations, plus canned markets across the U.S. and around the globe.

The total  California pear shipments for Bartletts is estimated at 159,500 tons.

Of the 159,500 tons of pears expected this year, 113,000 tons are sold to canneries, 37,200 tons to the fresh market, and the remainder goes to baby food, puree and juice.

Rivermaid Trading Co. of Lodi, CA is the largest grower, packer and shipper of fresh pears in California, representing at least 50 percent of pears packed in the state,  Most of these are Bartlett pears, although there are other varietals such as boscs, red pears, French butter and Comice.

California pears – grossing about $6600 to New York City.

Chilean Cranberry Imports

Chilean fresh cranberries will be exported to the U.S. for the first time, beginning in 2016.  The Southern hemisphere country, which has a season opposite those of this country, will harvest its cranberries March through May.



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A Glimpse at California Pears, Washington State “Blues,” Apple Loads

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IMG_7017California pears, as well as Washington state blueberries are moving in good volume.  Washington apple loadings should be heavy again this season.

California pear loadings started a few weeks ago and have moved into good volume.  Volume is expected to hit about 4.5 million 36-pound cartons, up slightly from the 2012 crop.

More specifically, California pear shipments should total about 2.8 million from the river district, 1.2 million from the lake district and about 418,000 from the mountain district.

Washington blueberries, apples

Record Washington state blueberry shipments are currently taking place.  Last year Washington loaded 70 million pounds of blueberries, which was a record.  This year total shipments could set another record, with 80 million pounds of blueberries.

It will be August 10th When the official estimate  for Washington state apples shipments for the 2013-13 season will be released.  However, the state’s apple industry already is predicting  between  110 and 125 million boxes will be shipped.

The harvest for the new crop of apples should start beginning the first week of August, with increasing shipments following in the weeks ahead.   There should be good loading opportunities for Washington apples in time for deliveries ahead of time to receivers for Labor Day (September 2nd).

Washington cherry shipments are now in peak volume, but are expected to end a couple of weeks earlier than normal.  This would mean the cherry season ending about the time produce haulers could switch to loading apples prior to the Labor Day weekend.

Washington cherries – grossing about $4600 to Chicago.

California pears – about $7700 to New York City.


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