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Locus Traxx Unit Helps Retrieve Truck Load of Stolen Tires

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locus_traxxJUPITER, FL – A Louisville man accused of stealing an 18-wheeler filled with Yokohama truck tires in Fort Pierce, FL. has been apprehended with the help of Locus Traxx’s GO unit.

The Florida Highway Patrol was notified that the  truck had disappeared Saturday in Louisville.  It was headed south on the Florida Turnpike. Troopers were able to locate the semi at mile market 174, thanks to the GO’s location reporting capabilities, according to a Locus Traxx press release.

Marvin Napoles Manzano was then arrested and charged with cargo theft valued at over $50,000 and the grand theft of a vehicle, totaling over $110,000 in stolen merchandise.

The GO is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is capable of sending temperature, location, and door security information straight to the grower via smart phone or computer, providing access to critical data at any time, from any location. With real-time data available at one’s fingertips, produce deliveries can be safely monitored to prevent any potential transportation problems.

Locus Traxx is a fast-growing company focused on improving food safety and security of food shipments.

The SmartTraxx monitoring system wireless reports the temperature, security and location of shipments on the road.  The OverSight system delivers real-time Intelligent Alerts text and emails based on the incoming shipment data. These timely alerts make sure shipment damage, theft or tampering can be prevented.  All shipment data is also available online as intelligent maps, interactive graphs, cusomizable reports or one-click downloads.

The company was founded in 2005. Its objective is to use leading edge technolgies and best practice approaches to provide a cost-effective way to ensure the safety and freshness of every food shipment.

Its customers are global leaders in the food industry including: transportation providers, growers, farmers, ranchers, distributors, retailers, and food service companies.

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CargoNet VP Discusses Cargo Theft Issues and How to Deal with It

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DSCN3918No one doubts cargo theft is a big problem, but do you know what type of cargo is the biggest target, which states lead in these type of thefts and when they are most likely to occur?

These are some of the questions that were answered by Sal Marino, vice president of CargoNet, who is based in New Jersey.  He was speaking at the 2014 United Fresh Produce Association’s annual convention and exposition in Chicago recently.

The leading target for thieves are food and beverages, accounting for 25 percent of cargo thefts, followed by electronics at 14 percent.  Others include household goods (11 percent), apparel and accessories (10 percent), containers (9 percent), metals (8 percent), with miscellaneous items making up the balance.

Leading America in cargo thefts is the state of California (23 percent), followed by Texas (19 percent) and Florida (10 percent).

When is cargo theft most likely to occur?  21 percent of the incidents happen on Friday, 19 percent on Saturday and 14 percent on Sunday.  Marino says the weekends are more risky because a lot of trucks have to wait to get unloaded in the upcoming week.    It also depends where the truck is parked over the weekend.

Marino said most thefts occur at warehouses and distribution centers.  Truck stops ranked fourth as locations for cargo theft.

When it comes to cargo theft of produce items, nuts make up a third of the top 10 items.  Almonds ranked first as the primary target for theft, followed by tomatoes, avocadoes, grapes, apples, bananas, mangoes, pineapple, pistachios and walnuts.

When a cargo theft occurs, Marino said it is very important report the theft to authorities as soon as possible and get the word out about the loss.  The more specific details you provide the better.

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