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Hamburg Süd Achieves Success With Carrier Transicold’s XtendFRESH Atmosphere Control System

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AMSTERDAM — Reflecting the growing use of controlled-atmosphere (CA) technologies to maintain quality of fruits and vegetables over extended shipping times, Hamburg SÃ has transported more than 7,000 container shipments of perishable goods using Carrier Transicold’s innovative XtendFRESH atmosphere control system. Carrier Transicold is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

At Intermodal Europe, held here this week, Carrier Transicold and Hamburg SÃ, one of the leading ocean carriers in the South American segment, discussed the shipping line’s increased application of the XtendFRESH system for avocados and bananas. Hamburg SÃ’s shipments using XtendFRESH technology increased in 2017, and the shipping line expects to use it with an even broader range of perishables in 2018.

“There is a great deal of enthusiasm on the part of exporters to use controlled-atmosphere technologies to reach new regions for their perishable goods,” said Stefan Duhring, global head of logistics at Hamburg SÃ.  “The number of shipments using XtendFRESH technology represents a significant and growing segment of our refrigerated shipments.”

The XtendFRESH system simultaneously controls carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) levels in multiple combinations within a refrigerated shipping container to reduce respiration and the ripening of fruits and vegetables. This enables a shipping line to transport exported perishable goods over longer times than with refrigeration alone, helping to reach new destinations. Preserving perishables is further enhanced by the XtendFRESH system’s ability to remove ethylene, a hormone released by produce that can accelerate ripening if left unchecked. The system is the only CA solution with an integral ethylene removal capability.

Hamburg SÃ, which collaborated with Carrier Transicold on system capabilities and testing during the development of the XtendFRESH system, began acquiring Carrier Transicold PrimeLINE units equipped with XtendFRESH technology in 2014.

“We’ve  had success using the XtendFRESH system for avocados and bananas in many of our key refrigerated trade lanes,”  said Durhring.  “Our confidence in using XtendFRESH technology with higher-respiring perishables has led us to initiate plans to trial the system with shipments of South America-grown blueberries, a lower respiring fruit.”

Shipping lines appreciate that the XtendFRESH system offers a wider range of independent settings for CO2 and O2 levels than are possible with other systems.

“The wider range of settings, along with ethylene control, provide advantages for shipping lines in meeting the needs of exporters,” said Jim Taeckens, senior product manager, Carrier Transicold. “Additionally, the XtendFRESH system has no membrane filter to replace, as is common with some other systems, reducing maintenance requirements for fleets that offer it as an option for their customers.”

Responding to shipping line concerns about the learning curve with using CA technologies, Carrier Transicold provides training in the proper use of the XtendFRESH system and how to prepare a container prior to shipment. Taeckens added that to ensure optimal performance, containers must be in good condition with potential air leaks minimized through the use of a curtain wall at the door end of the container.

Helping to further boost performance, Carrier has worked with shipping lines on enhancements to the XtendFRESH system, including improved gaskets, advanced control software and a sensor to monitor operation of the ethylene and CO2 scrubber motor.

For more information about the XtendFRESH system or to conduct a trial, turn to the experts at Carrier Transicold or visit//


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Driver Rodney Tanner: A View after 20 Years Behind the Wheel

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DSCN0585What does veteran over-the-road driver Rodney Tanner like best about trucking?  The money.

What does he like like least about trucking?  Not making any money.

It may sound like a contradiction, but if you know Rodney, it’s really not one.

Right now the resident of Asheboro, NC says his income from trucking is “right in the middle.”  He’s made more money in the past, but he’s also earned smaller pay checks.

Rodney has been trucking over 20 years and the past two years have been driving for Highways & Skyways of Greensboro, NC.  The company describes itself as a full service third party logistics management company on its website.  Rodney says the company runs 75 to 80 trucks.

He had picked up a load of mixed vegetables from a distribution warehouse in North Carolina for delivery to Atlanta.  The trucker drives coast-to-coast on a regular basis.  He pulled a flatbed for about  a year, but now hauls mostly produce and other refrigerated freight.

Rodney also has some advice for anyone thinking about getting into trucking.

“If you are married, or have kids, don’t do it,” he stated.  “It takes a toll on your marriage, your family, and you don’t get to see your kids grow up.  I’m speaking from experience.”

The 44-year-old driver has considered buying his own truck, but just doesn’t see it happening with the current economic situation in the country.

Rodney likes the 2013 Volvo truck he drives that houses a D13 diesel engine.  He pulls a Wabash 53-foot trailer with a Carrier Transcold reefer unit.


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