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Growth Expectations Start Chilean Clementine Export Season

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The Chilean clementine export season has been launched with expectations of growth over last year, according to the Citrus Committee of the Fruit Exporters’ Association (Asoex).

A 7 percent increase of exports over 2020 is forecast with 55,000 metric tons (MT) for this season.

The first shipments left during first week of April, with 573MT of the Clemenules, Orogrande and Oronules varieties having been exported by the 3rd week of April. This compares to 1,503MT that had been exported by the same period last year.

Clementines and lemons were the first to start, with oranges following soon.

Dry weather was report with little rains, making for a smooth start to the harvests. Although the first shipments of clementines were lower than last season, it was too early to establish any change in the estimates for the period.

The primary destination for Chilean citrus exports is the U.S., accounting for about 85% of total shipments. It is followed by the Far East and Europe, which represent 9% and 3% respectively. There are also sales to Canada, Latin America and the Middle East. 

In the total citrus category, Chile in March predicted a 6 percent increase over last season. The biggest rise will be for mandarins with an increase of 11 percent over a year ago, followed by clementines with 7 percent growth. Lemons are expected to see a 3 percent increase, while oranges will stay the same.

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