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Citrus Shipping Forecast is Lowered by USDA Estimate

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The USDA July 12 crop production report showed reductions in 2022-23 estimates for oranges, grapefruit and lemons but an increase for tangerines.

The July report said the U.S. all-orange forecast for the 2022-23 season is 2.52 million tons, down 1% from the previous forecast and down 26% from the 2021-22 final utilization. The Florida all-orange forecast, at 15.9 million boxes (714,000 tons), is up 1% from the previous forecast but down 62% from last season’s final utilization.

In Florida, early, midseason and navel varieties are forecast at 6.15 million boxes (277,000 tons), unchanged from the previous forecast but down 66% from last season’s final utilization. The Florida valencia orange forecast, at 9.70 million boxes (437,000 tons), is up 1% from the previous forecast but down 58% from last season’s final utilization.

The California all-orange forecast is 44 million boxes (1.76 million tons), down 2% from the previous forecast but up 13% from last season’s utilization, the report said. The California navel orange forecast is 37 million boxes (1.48 million tons), unchanged from the previous forecast but up 17% from last season’s utilization. The USDA said the California valencia orange forecast is 7 million boxes (280,000 tons), down 14% from the previous forecast and down 8% from last season’s utilization.

The Texas all-orange forecast, at 1.13 million boxes (48,000 tons), is up 8% from the previous forecast and “up significantly from last season’s utilization,” the report said.

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Halo Shipments May be Down this Season Due to California Rains

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Wonderful Citrus headquartered in Delano, CA reports its Halo loadings could be down about 2 percent this season, due to torrential California rains. The company accounts for 25% to 30% of the total category volume in North America.

Any decline in the fruit this season is being attributed to unharvested citrus.
Soaked land in a grove can suffer substantial damage from harvest equipment.

This winter the greatest rainfall is flooding the central and northern parts of the San Joaquin Valley. Wonderful grows Halos through much of the valley’s 200-mile length, ending at Madera north of Fresno.

Recent precipitation levels across the state are well above average for this time of year at about 130-160% of average. Still, despite the storms, most major reservoirs – before the January 9 storm – were still anywhere between 40-60% of their historical average fill.

Wonderful Citrus has geographically and climatically diverse plantings to optimize market availability through the season. The strategy also helps dodge widespread damage, as is being proven this month.

Halos are shipped from November until about June. In recent years, new varieties were planted to extend this season from mid-May. Halos’ largest volume peaks in February and March. Last year’s volume was very light. The 2022-23 supply is up at least 20 percent.

Halos shipped from November into early January are Clementines. In the second half of the shipping season, the Halos brand is composed of mandarins, Tango, and Western Murcott.

While Wonderful Halos are shipped across North America, the heaviest distribution is in the central United States, as well as the length of the eastern seaboard. To a lesser extent, the company has a presence west of the Rockies.

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Fowler Packing Acquires SunWest Fruit Co., Expanding Citrus Acreage

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Fowler Packing Company of Fresno, CA with backing from Ag Partners Capital, has acquired SunWest Fruit Company, a citrus and tree fruit grower in Parlier, Calif. This acquisition will add over 10,000 acres of premier farmland in coveted water districts to Fowler Packing’s holdings, according to a news release.  

“Given the significant headwinds facing California agriculture, we are constantly evaluating how we can better support our retail partners, consumers, and employees,” Justin Parnagian, chief executive officer said in the release. “This is the largest acquisition in Fowler Packing’s history and represents a historic moment for our family-owned company.”

The acquisition of SunWest Fruit is part of Fowler Packing’s long-term strategic plan to strengthen the company’s position in the citrus category and California agriculture by growing total mandarin volume, expanding citrus offerings, and increasing packing capacity. Fowler Packing has thoughtfully grown and expanded over the course of its 72 year history, becoming one of the largest farming companies in the state.

What’s more, since Fowler Packing’s Peelz launch in 2019, the mandarin brand has experienced sustained growth, gained market share and increased sales in the last year by over 60%. The Peelz brand is sold in more than 12,000 stores throughout North America, according to the release.

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Strong Southeast Madarin Shipments Projected from Sweet Valley Citrus Region

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Sweet Valley Citrus Region – A heavy crop of Satsuma mandarins from the Sweet Valley Citrus Region are maturing and will begin shipping about two weeks ahead of the 2021 season. “The 2022 crop looks great,” exclaimed Kim Jones, current president of Cold Hardy Citrus Association. “Color break has been early, brix is already testing as high as 11 which indicates exceptionally sweet, flavorful fruit, and we predict the volume to be higher than anticipated.”

Satsumas are an easy-to-peel, medium to large size mandarin variety, and are seedless. While not always uniform in shape and color (some green tinge is normal), the fruit is always exceptionally fresh, sweet and flavorful.

The Sweet Valley Citrus region covers a tri-state zone throughout North Florida, South Alabama and South Georgia. These growing areas share unique soil and weather that make Sweet Valley Citrus so exceptional. The Sweet Valley Citrus Region represents a resurgence of Southern citrus groves and is a great success story for American agriculture. This area was not effected by recent storms, including hurricane Ian, which had more of an impact on groves in Southwestern Florida.

All Sweet Valley Citrus is grown on local family farms, tree-ripened, and shipped daily from farmer-owned packing facilities. Satsuma labels grown in the area include grower brands such as Southern Sassies, Southern Juicys and Cherokee Jewel. Non-branded packaged and bulk fruit is also available.

“Satsumas are an early winter delight and consumer favorite for the holiday season,” said Mark Clikas Vice-President of the Cold Hardy Citrus Association. “We started shipping in early November, with full production available through December and possibly into January.”

The special growing conditions in the Sweet Valley region are perfect for other varieties of citrus too, and Sweet Valley Cara Cara oranges, along with Tango, Kishu and Shiranui mandarins, will be shipping November to mid-January as well.

About Sweet Valley Citrus
The Sweet Valley Citrus region spans a tri-state zone throughout the North Florida, South Alabama and South Georgia. These growing areas share unique soil and weather that make Sweet Valley Citrus sweeter and more flavorful. All citrus varieties, including Sweet Valley’s famous Satsumas, are grown on local family farms, tree-ripened, and shipped daily from farmer-owned packing facilities.

The Sweet Valley Citrus brand was created by the Cold Hardy Citrus Association, a 501(c)(5) organization established in 2017 to ensure all producers in the region have a unified voice in an emerging industry, and to provide education on best farming practices. Members include growe

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Fruit World is Anticipating Good Volume Citrus Shipments with New Season

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The family-owned grower-shipper Fruit World of Reedley, CA has announced several bright spots in their 2022-23 citrus season in a season that has been difficult for many citrus growers,

Fruit World is expecting a large volume of high-quality organic lemons throughout their year-round program, with volumes peaking from mid-October through February. This year’s crop is even stronger than it was in 2021, which was also above average.

To ensure a steady year-round supply, the company grows in California’s desert region through March before transitioning to the Central Valley. This year’s volumes are also supported by several young blocks that kicked into production this season.

Fruit World’s flagship mandarin program started in late October and will continue into early May with organic mandarins available from mid-November through early May.

Conventional and organic mandarin volumes are both up from the 2021 season but are still down from typical yields. Extreme heat and irregular precipitation are the greatest challenges facing the industry this year, and growers have been pivoting as quickly as possible to adapt. Overall quality is strong, and a sizable portion of Fruit World’s conventional crop will be transitioning to organic in the 2023-2024 season. 

Stem and leaf mandarins are seeing increasing shipments each year, and Fruit World has been building their program to meet the rush of popularity particularly during the holiday season.

Plentiful supplies are availble including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Lunar New Year.

The company has also begun shipping the popular organic Rio Red grapefruits, known for their gorgeous interior color, fantastic flavor, and superb quality. Volumes and fruit size are down slightly compared to last season, but supply is still anticipated to be on par with a standard season and able to meet consumer demand into January.

Rounding out the organic specialty citrus program, Fruit World’s Sweet Limes are seeing increased interest.

The classic lime freshness paired with sweetness make this variety perfect for refreshing juices, bright salad dressing, and sweet treats. Good volumes are anticipated through mid-December.

As part of a continued growth strategy for the Fruit World brand, the company has brought several new grower relationships online in the past year, which are expected to make a positive impact on this year’s citrus season.

Navel oranges, which are experiencing 15% to 20% lighter volumes industry-wide will actually end up with an increased supply for Fruit World over last year, thanks to more growers. Likewise, Fruit World welcomed the next generation of growers for Cara Caras from an up-and-coming grower family who are eager to convert the crop to organic.

The brand is also continuing to forge ahead with new product lines—exciting additions like mandarinquats, kumquats, and their newly-planted lemonade lemons.

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U.S. Citrus Shipments are Down 19% for 2021-22 Season

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The USDA reports citrus volume for the 2021-22 season totaled 5.61 million tons, down 19% from the 2020-21 season.

California accounted for 62% of total U.S. citrus production; Florida totaled 36%, and Texas and Arizona produced the remaining 2%.
Utilized citrus production in California was down 16% from the 2020-21 season.

California’s all orange production, at 40.4 million boxes, is 18% lower than the previous season. Grapefruit production is down 2% from the 2020-21 season and tangerine and mandarin production is down 40%.

Florida’s orange production, at 41.1 million boxes, is down 22% from the previous season, the report said. Grapefruit utilization in Florida, at 3.33 million boxes, is down 19% from last season’s utilization. Florida’s total citrus utilization was down 22% from the previous season.

Utilized production of citrus in Texas is down 46% from the 2020-21 season.

Orange production is down 81% from the previous season and grapefruit production is down 29%. Arizona’s production of lemon up 27%.

The value of the 2021-22 U.S. citrus crop was down 13% from last season, to 2.91 billion packinghouse-door equivalent. Orange value of  production decreased 9% from last season and grapefruit value is down 27%.

Tangerine and mandarin value of production is down 18% from last season and lemon value of production is down 13% from last season.

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Fruit World Expects Strong Shipments of Minneolas, Blood Oranges and Cara Caras

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REEDLEY, CA — Fruit World, a family-owned, grower-shipper of organic and conventional citrus and more, is reporting a strong season for their premium specialty citrus, including organic Minneola tangelos, Blood oranges and Cara Cara oranges. While California growers are experiencing shortened seasons of navel and mandarin oranges, Fruit World expects a gap-free and strong transition to Valencia season.

“Between last year’s heavy crop and early summer heat, the state has lower production volumes of navels and mandarins, but we’re maintaining good quantities to ship through an early season end of late-March to early-April,” said Bianca Kaprielian, Fruit World co-founder and CEO. “Ending the season early ensures high quality and exceptional color throughout. And since citrus is an alternate bearing crop, we predict a return to steady volumes next season.”

Fruit World expects a seamless transition from navels to Valencias by mid-April. The company anticipates consistent volumes of the summer variety, especially as the season ramps up in May, with availability through the beginning of October.

“We’re also seeing impressive volumes of quality fruit for our specialty citrus varieties, and expect to be shipping into April,” Kaprielian continued. “The overall quality is top notch, and supply is strong for our Minneolas, Blood oranges and Cara Caras, with peak flavor expected from now through the end of the season.”

This is also shaping up to be a banner year for organic lemons from both the Desert (District 3) and Central Valley (District 1) regions, with load volumes available weekly and excellent ad opportunities into May.

Kaprielian stated, “Our statewide growing regions provide us with year-round supply of lemons and orange varieties. In addition to coolers in the desert and Fillmore, we offer consolidated pickup—including desert production—at our cooler in Reedley.” 

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Fruit World is Shipping Organic Lemons, Limes, Minneolas, Other Citrus

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REEDLEY, CA — Fruit World, a family-owned, grower-shipper of organic and conventional fruit, is expecting a robust citrus season, particularly for this year’s organic lemon crop.

Good volumes of organic lemons from California’s desert region are anticipated through early March. Fruit World will also have diverse citrus shipments throughout the season, including organic and conventional mandarins, organic oranges, and organic specialty citrus such as sweet limes and Minneola tangelos.

“This year’s organic lemon crop is looking very strong—both in terms of volume and quality—and we’re seeing exceptional taste, appearance, and juiciness,” shared Bianca Kaprielian, Fruit World co-founder and CEO. There will be good desert, with its Central Valley ranches filling out availability through May.

Fruit World also expects a strong organic specialty citrus program this year. “This is our second year offering organic sweet limes, and we are already delivering promotable volumes which should last into December,” Kaprielian added.

Fruit World’s flagship mandarin program will kicked off in early November, starting with stem & leaf Satsumas and their proprietary Early Dulce mandarin variety. Organic Satsumas and Clementines started in November, with additional varieties available into April.

A lighter than typical season is expected for mandarins this year, a concern seen industry-wide due to excessive heat in May and June paired with last year’s large crop set affecting this year’s bloom.

The company has already started shipping the organic Rio Red grapefruit variety. It’s California-grown Rio Reds are top-notch quality and have beautiful interior color. There has been strong demand, partly due to last season’s freeze in Mexico and Texas which affected the overall grapefruit supply.

Navel oranges started shipping at the end of October, followed by Minneola tangelos in early December, with the season rounding out with Cara Caras and blood oranges starting in January.

As they plan for the future, Fruit World is expanding their specialty citrus program by planting organic mandarinquats, kumquats, lemonade lemons and more that will be available in upcoming seasons. The company also has a significant amount of mandarin and navel acreage in transition from conventional to organic, including heirloom navels in their second year of transition, so coming years should see increased organic volume.


About Fruit World
Fruit World grows and ships fruit in California—including organic and conventional citrus, organic grapes, organic stone fruit. 

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Bee Sweet Citrus is Shipping Summer Citrus Varieties

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With a steady supply of both domestic and off-shore product, shipper Bee Sweet Citrus of Fowler, CA is prepared to meet summer shipping demand for fresh citrus varieties.

“Citrus fruits remain a household staple for many families, so year-round availability is imperative to meeting the industry’s demand for product,” stated Bee Sweet Citrus Sales Representative Jason Sadoian. “As our summer import program continues to gain momentum, our customers can rely on our team to provide them with Chilean Oranges, Mandarins and Lemons, as well as several domestic varieties to meet their consumer’s needs.”

Available in new, high-graphic packaging, all of Bee Sweet’s off-shore product is checked for quality once it arrives at the company’s main location in Fowler, California. With a dedicated production team trained to facilitate the summer program and the company’s sales team focused on clearance, logistics and inventory, customers can look to the Bee Sweet Citrus team for a successful 12-month citrus program.

“During the summer months, consumers can look to our brand for year-round staples such as Navel Oranges, Lemons and Mandarins, in addition to domestic Valencias, Blood Oranges and Grapefruit,” continued Sadoian. “All of these varieties are flavorful, nutritious and are incredibly versatile.”

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Exceptional Growing Season is Reported by Fruit World

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Fruit World of Reedley, CA, a family-owned, grower-shipper of organic and conventional fruit, is reporting an exceptional citrus growing season, including a variety of specialty citrus, according to a press release.

The company is shipping conventional and organic mandarins, as well as organic Cara Cara, Blood, and Navel oranges, organic Minneolas, and their year-round mainstay, organic lemons. They are also announcing the transition of even more acreage towards organic certification.

Fruit World is now shipping mandarins now through May, with its highest volumes in early spring.

“We’re unique in how we time the availability of some of our citrus like Cara Caras and Blood Oranges,” said CJ Buxman, Fruit World co-founder and an organic citrus grower. “We start our season a little later so their flavor is at its strongest and sweetest when we ship.

Fruit World will start shipping Cara Caras in mid-January, with Blood Oranges close behind in late January, both available through April. The company’s year-round organic lemon program will also see good volumes from January through April.

Contributing to the company’s citrus production this season will be Heirloom Navel Oranges from Sky Ranch, one of Kaprielian’s family ranches. Sky Ranch’s Heirloom Navel acreage is transitioning to organic, and while this year’s crop will be sold as conventional, it will follow all organic standards. 

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