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Jazz Variety Strengthens Premium Apple Position

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JazzApplesby T&G Global / Oppy

Fresh crop New Zealand JAZZ™ apples are arriving now — decked out with a sharp new look and attitude geared to drive even stronger sales of the top-10 apple.

Built around the powerful positioning of “The JAZZ Sensation,” the new brand elevates the always refreshing eating experience delivered by the tangy-sweet, intensely crunchy favorite. Complete with a fresh new logo, and supported by a full suite of nimble visual components, JAZZ™ is primed to stand out in the category with contemporary colors, eye-catching graphics and a compelling brand message.

JAZZ™ apples originated in New Zealand, following a natural union of Royal Gala and Braeburn varieties. Sixteen years later, it’s become a global sensation, growing in 10 counties under a closely controlled quality program, managed by trademark owner and one of New Zealand’s largest horticulture exporters, T&G Global (originally Turners and Growers).

T&G Global introduced the new brand at Fruit Logistica in February, and has subsequently rolled it out market-by-market to great enthusiasm.

Darren Drury, T&G Global’s executive general manager – pipfruit, said the refresh of JAZZTMrepresents a major investment by T&G that extends across all touch-points from packaging to promotions and sampling to digital platforms.

“Our consumer research identified an opportunity to reinvigorate our JAZZTM brand to reinforce its premium position,” he explained. “We operate in a highly competitive category, so it’s vital to remain relevant while appealing to new consumers. Having discussed it with our growers, sales agents and customers we felt the time was right for a global refresh.”

Importantly, the esteemed ENZA quality mark will appear alongside the new JAZZ™ label, providing assurance that the long-standing quality and eating experience of JAZZ™ has not changed.

“The new JAZZ™ brand will engage consumers with an exciting new website and relevant social content aimed at creating a deeper relationship between JAZZ™ and its global fan base,” said Drury. “Our research guided us to focus JAZZ™ marketing efforts on well-travelled and socially connected taste seekers; consumers who are always looking for the latest and the new, and who enjoy sharing their discoveries. A durable, versatile, great-tasting apple like JAZZ™ is a perfect fit for this spirit and lifestyle, and our refreshed approach will place more JAZZ™ into their sphere.”

Available soon from Oppy, fresh crop New Zealand JAZZ™ apples will be supported by high-impact custom promotions arranged in partnership with retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“JAZZ™ ranks third in the list of premium apples for dollar contribution in the produce department,” said David Nelley, vice president of categories at Oppy. “Its growth has been steady over the last decade and a half. The refreshed brand will renew existing connections with JAZZ™ apples as well as build new ones across North America.”

JAZZ™ apples are also available from CMI Orchards and Rainier Fruit Company primarily during the domestic season.

Drury says T&G is pleased with consistent growth and demand for JAZZTM across the company’s traditional markets including Germany, the UK and USA alongside newer markets such as Thailand, China, Vietnam and Japan.

“We’ve built up a stronger presence in our key markets and our people are better placed to further support our customers and work alongside growers on our year-round growing program,” he said. “We are also looking for new growth opportunities. It’s an exciting time for JAZZTM and we’re looking forward to sharing our new-look journey with customers, growers and consumers.”


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Kanzi Apple Season Hits Peak Season Volume

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KanziApplesby Columbia Marketing International (CMI)

Shipments of U.S. grown Kanzi® brand apples are peaking and over the next few weeks will set new records for retail sales performance. During the past 52 weeks, flavor-intense Kanzi® have been one of the brightest stars of the apple category, increasing in sales by over 87%.

Robb Myers, Vice President of Sales at CMI reports retail interest in Kanzi® is very high. “Kanzi apples are really turning heads at the retail level,” said Myers. “Over the past year, apple category dollars are down, yet Kanzi® is still driving incredible growth.”

Myers says that between March 15 and May 1, sales of Kanzi® apples in the U.S. peak. “This is the time for Kanzi®,” said Myers. “Kanzi® flavor develops in storage so we release it in late winter just as sales momentum in the apple category is beginning to slow.”

“There is nothing like a new item to invigorate category sales,” said Myers.

Myers added that the season for this Washington State apple extends through the end of April when imported Kanzi® arrive from New Zealand.

Steve Lutz, Vice President of Marketing for CMI, says national retail scan data results document the strong performance by Kanzi®. According to Lutz, Nielsen data reveals that over the past year, Kanzi® had the number one dollar growth rate among the 35 best-selling varieties in the U.S.

“We’re seeing Kanzi® selling successfully in nearly 3,500 stores nationally,” said Lutz. “The next six weeks are prime time for retailers to let their shoppers try this spectacular new apple.”

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Newer Varieties of Apples are Gaining in Popularity with Consumers

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By Columbia Marketing International

AapleHPSupermarket sales data released by Nielsen Perishables Group reveals continued strong apple sales over the December holiday period.  A three year analysis of apple performance by CMI shows retail volume continues to grow, led by newer varieties.  During the month of December, apple category volume at retail increased by 3.2% over 2012 but is up 9.5% over 2011.

“It’s very encouraging to see near double digit volume growth in December compared to the same period just two years ago,” said Steve Lutz, Vice President of Marketing for CMI.  “The numbers validate that consumers are buying more apples overall while embracing new varieties.”

The Nielsen Perishables Group data for December 2013 shows the Fuji, Cripps Pink/Pink Lady®, Ambrosia™ and Granny Smith varieties all increased in volume by more than 20%.  Honeycrisp and Rome volume in December 2013 vs. 2011 increased by 18.3% and 17.4% respectively.

“The December data really reveals how consumer preferences are shifting while growing the category in the process,” said Lutz.  “Over two years, Honeycrisp volume is up by over 17% despite an average retail price of $2.40 per pound.  Ambrosia™ volume is up by 24% with an average retail price that is 20% higher than the average for the total apple category.  Volume growth at these levels combined with higher retail prices is only sustainable if consumers like what they’re buying and come back for more.”

Lutz said that despite the strong category volume gains, the report shows it’s not all good news.    Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Jonagold and Cameo® all lost significant market share over the two year holiday period.  Lutz noted that Cameo® volume dropped by 43% while Braeburn lost 28%.

The analysis also indicates how supermarket distribution practices are impacting store-level volume.  Impressions per store per week (a measure of the unique items in each store each week) increased by 8.1% for the category as more apple varieties and items were stocked on retail shelves.

“It’s pretty clear that over the past two years, retailers encouraged consumers to discover these new varieties by putting more items on more shelves more often, said Lutz.  “Ambrosia impressions jumped by 48% while Cripps Pink/Pink Lady® and Honeycrisp both increased by over 16%.”

Not all apple varieties secured incremental retail impressions.  McIntosh, Braeburn, Romes and Cameo® varieties all suffered declines in retail impressions.  “This clearly shows that there is a finite amount of space available for apples,” said Lutz.  “Romes volume was bailed out by a substantial drop in an already low retail price, but those other varieties were hit hard by the loss of retail shelf support.”

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