Keep in mind Florida vegetable shipments in the fall are much lighter than during the more active spring shipping season.  Still, what product that is available will see brisk movement in light of the  early October losses from rains that pounded South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.

Florida sweet corn loadings in the Belle Glade area normally start in mid November, but due to heavy rains that disrupted early fall plantings, most shipments will not start until after Thanksgiving (November 26).  Georgia corn shipments, which began  shipments in late September, should be finished by mid November.

Meanwhile, Florida bean loadings should get underway the second week of November, with light volume continuing through mid-December.   South Florida cucumbers started about a week ago, with  bell peppers starting around October 20th, with eggplant getting underway about the third week of November.

“With all the rains, this season started tough and it’s been the toughest one I’ve ever seen,” he said in early October. “So far, we’re not behind on anything. Weather can change, but we are where we want to be. We should have consistent availability if the weather cooperates.”

South Florida vegetables – grossing about $2500 to New York City.