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A National Produce Shipping Outlook

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DSCN7163January and February are always frustrating for produce hauls since the lightest volume of the year for fresh fruits and vegetables occur.  March often isn’t much better, depending on weather factors.  So here’s a peak of various commodities and the shipping potential as we prepare to barrel into spring.

Brussels Sprouts

As with many produce items in the west brussels sprout out of California have been in exceptionally light volume due to the California drought.  However,  supplies of the tiny members of the cabbage family seem to be improving.  After a slow start in Mexico, Brussel sprout shipments are picking up from Baja California.  The product has increased in popularity since being declared a super food.

Mexican roma tomatoes

Good volume with Mexican roma tomatoes from Sinaloa, Mexico are crossing the border at McAllen, Tx.

Lower Rio Grand Valley, Texas Mexican fruit and vegetable imports and LRGV citrus – grossing about $2400 to Chicago.

Florida Lettuce Quality

Cool, damp conditions in Florida this winter has resulted in an increase in lettuce downy mildew, caused by the oomycete pathogen Bremia lactucae.  Primarily a foliar disease, it has a direct effect on yield and quality.  Downy mildew causes light green to yellow angular spots on the upper surfaces of leaves. White mycelial growth of the pathogen develops on the under sides of these spots. Over time, these lesions turn brown and dry up.  Severely infected leaves may die. In some instances, the pathogen can become systemic, causing discoloration of stem tissue.  Extra caution is urged if your hauling Florida lettuce.  Know what’s being put in your truck and if need, inform your receiver before leaving the dock.

Florida produce volume still remains light, with multiple pick ups at best required.

Florida vegetables, tomatoes, melons and potatoes – grossing about $2200 to New York City.

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