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Florida Peach Shipments are Starting Soon

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Florida is the first state in the U.S. to ship peaches each year, which typically occurs near the end of March and is available into May. It may not be a long season, but it’s the first domestic stone fruit crop of 2021.

Florida’s Institute for Food and Agriculture Sciences is expecting the best crop in 5 years.

Florida Classic Growers of Dundee, FL should begin loading its peaches by the end of March, with volume peaking the first two weeks of April, 

The season appears it will be a little more condensed than in previous years as volume is expected to dwindle after the first week of May. Volume will probably be off slightly, although an excellent season is expected.

Since 2004, Florida commercial peach acreage has hovered in the 2,000 range. Described as stable, the reason is due to climate, not economics.

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