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Hunts Point is No Closer to Having Modern Facilities

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DSCN4933Despite a mayoral pledge to revitalize operations, the nearly two-decade battle to modernize the Hunts Point Terminal Market’s distribution facilities appears no closer to completion.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio in early March announced his administration plans to invest $150 million over 12 years to revitalize aging operations.  However some Hunts Point wholesalers say the mayor wasn’t specifically talking about the Hunts Point Produce Terminal.

Instead, the mayor’s announcement was neighborhood-specific and was referring to all the food markets on the Hunts Point peninsula, which include the Fulton Fish Market and the Hunts Point Cooperative Market, which is also known as the Hunts Point Meat Market.  When one does the math, $150 million over 12 years doesn’t amount to much and isn’t considered remarkable.

The $150 million isn’t anywhere near the $800 million needed to modernize operations, although the city is spending money to improve the market.  It is pointed out that a $21 million project constructing railroad sidings alongside the market’s buildings and constructing an open-air rail shed on the market’s east side for freight car unloading is underway.

At the 329-acre facility, 115 wholesalers that employ more than 8,000 workers distribute from the market’s four buildings that were constructed in the late 1960s.  Talks to move distributors out of the aging 500,000-square-foot market began in 2000.

Washington produce rates on apples, cherries – grossing about $7400 to New York City.

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Hunts Point: World’s Largest Food Distribution Center

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* Located on 113 acres in the South Bronx .  Hunts Point is owned by New York City.

* Four primary rows with each being one-third of a mile long.

* 1 million square feet of interior space.

* Opened in 1967.

*Has operated as a co-op for about 20 years.

*Has elected board of directors representing about 50 produce companies on the market.

*Hunts Point employees over 3,500 workers.

*Hunts Point serves about 23 million people, mostly in the Northeast with produce from across the nation and from around the world .

*Hunts Point is the largest food distribution center in the world and also includes the Fulton Fish Market.  Revenues exceed $2 billion a year.

*Negotiations between the market and NYC over the past 10 years to build a new facility have failed.  Produce wholesalers cite needs for more and better cold storage.  Rebuilding, renovation, and moving the market to New Jesery are often topics of discussion.

*Unloading delays are commong at Hunts Point in part due to lack of cold storage. Refrigerated trailers are often used as storage facilities.  Truckers receive no detention for delayed unloading.

 *Hunts Point receives $172.5 million in cash and tax breaks from New York City.

*Hunts Point leaders are in a “fight” with the NYC’s  Business Integrity Commission, an agency created to root out organized crime in the carting industry.  The commission has overstepped its authority and is interfering with business by setting operating hours and hitting delivery and storage trucks with parking tickets, produce house operators say.  They feel the commission has over stepped its authority and its mission should only deal with organized crime.



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