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FL Watermelon, Pepper Shipments Continue, as Georgia Gears Up

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DSCN5299Florida spring produce shipments overall have been pretty good.  However, as we get closer to June volume typically declines on most items and just how long good loading opportunities continue depends in large part on when it becomes too hot for vegetables to grow.

In south Florida, watermelon shippers are finishing their season, which is overlapping the early- to mid-May start of central Florida watermelon shipments. Overall, Florida is shipping high volumes of watermelons and as we near the Memorial holiday weekend (May 23-25), approaching 1500 truck loads per week.

Central Florida should be loading large supplies through late May, while northern Florida shipments will soon start in light volume.  North Florida typically overlaps Georgia’s typical early- to mid-June start with watermelons.

Georgia watermelon shipments should hit good volume around June 10-15, though southern Georgia regions near Adel, Ga., and Tifton, Ga., frequently start a week earlier.

Florida/Georgia Pepper Shipments

Florida pepper volume began improving in early May, while Georgia shippers were gearing up for a mid-May start.

South Florida peppers had some quality problems, primarily from colder weather, but those issues have mostly been resolved with the seasonal transfer of shipments originating out of Central Florida.  Depending upon when summer heat starts taking its toll, Florida could be shipping peppers into mid June.  Currently about 250 truck loads of peppers are being shipped out of Florida, which is relatively small compared to the 850 truck loads per week of sweet corn.

Meanwhile, Georgia pepper shipments should be hitting stride as we enter June.

Central Florida watermelons and vegetables – grossing about $3000 to Chicago.





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