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Henry Avocado Moves to New Headquarters in Escondido

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Henry Avocado Corp. of Escondido, CA., has moved about 7 miles across town to a spacious west side location after being on the east side of town for 94 years.

The two-story, 50,000-square-foot headquarters facility includes a packinghouse and distribution center. It is located in an industrial center and is close to two major thoroughfares — the Interstate 15 Freeway, which runs north and south, and State Route 78, which runs east and west.

The new building is 20 percent larger than the previous facility and has the latest processing, refrigeration and forced-air ripening elements in the industry.

The move allows the consolidation the administrative and processing machinery and personnel, all of which were in several buildings at the old location.

It includes 6,000 square feet of office space, 20 forced-air ripening rooms and 5 loading docks.

The facility also has a modern cold storage facility and a large yard for tractor trailers.

The move started in late summer and was just completed.

The company continues to operate a second 29,000-square-foot cold storage facility in Escondido. 

Henry Avocado can ship 2 million cartons of avocados from the 2 facilities annually.

The original Escondido facility will be demolished to make room for a housing development, but the firm will continue to farm in the upper elevations.

The company, a year-round avocado grower-shipper, operates seven Primus Labs-certified distribution centers throughout the U.S. with a total of 100 ripening rooms. 

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Henry Avocado Moves Headquarters to Nearby Industrial Center

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Henry Avocado has moved its headquarters, packing and distribution center in Escondido, CA, to a new building in a nearby industrial center.

The 50,000-square-foot two-story facility in Escondido is 20 percent larger than the previous site and features the latest processing, refrigeration and forced-air ripening elements in the industry.

The new Henry operation consolidates under one roof the administrative and processing machinery and personnel of several buildings at the old location, and provides space for 20 forced-air ripening rooms and five loading docks.

The company, which is a year-round grower-shipper, made the move to maximize efficiency of operation and now has the potential to custom-ripen over 2 million cartons annually. The fresh product is shipped to customers via two adjacent major highways. The I-15 services the north-south corridor while the I-78 services the east-west customer network.

Henry also opened a large distribution center in Charlotte, NC, in 2017, in order to deliver fresh shipments that meet custom-ripening orders as precisely as possible.

“We consider the supply chain as paramount to quality, which motivates our decisions to modernize and relocate as required,” Henry added. “Our seven centers are strategically located, designed and managed to ensure quality, food safety and fresh delivery to customers wherever they are.”

Headed by the new Escondido building, all seven of Henry’s Primus Labs-certified distribution centers meet or exceed the federal, state and industry Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. Two are located in Escondido and there is one each in Phoenix; Milpitas, CA; San Antonio and Houston, TX; and Charlotte, NC. Together they total 100 ripening rooms with delivery by a modern fleet of refrigerated trucks.

A pioneer in the industry, Henry was founded in 1925 and was among the first to commit to growing and promoting the Hass variety of avocados. Subsequently, Henry developed the first forced-air ripening rooms in 1983. By adding import contacts and capabilities in Mexico, Chile and Peru, Henry Avocado became one of the early year-round suppliers of fresh avocados in 1990.

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