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Honduras loses Half of Banana Production Due to Hurricane Eta

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An estimated that around 20,000 acres of banana plantations have been lost in Honduras due to flooding from Hurricane Eta. The estimate would represent about half of the total acres in the Central American country, which bore much of the brunt of the recent storm.

The storm came amid one of the most severe Atlantic hurricane seasons on record and caused widespread damage to the region. One banana grower estimated it was the largest damage in history for bananas. It is estimated at least 16,000 direct jobs are at risk in the Honduran banana industry and the volume of fruit exported will decrease. The most affected areas in the country is Olanchito, which sits along the Aguán River.

One of the banks of the river overflowed and resulted in a total loss for the Standard Fruit Company of 4950 acres of bananas. The Agriculture Ministry said that there was also severe damage to the production of corn, sugar, and rice. With dropping flood waters hundreds of thousands of households, businesses and farmers across the country are beginning to count the damage.

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