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Government and the Truth

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IMG_6361By Larry Oscar

With all the wild news today one can’t help but question the truth of the information we are getting.  Living in the United States we assume that our “government” is telling us is accurate.

However, it has long been suspected by those of us, who know human nature quite well, that it is always wise not to jump to any conclusions based on what someone says who has a vested interest in telling us “some version” of the truth.  Our government’s self interest always seems to lean towards prevaricators of the highest magnitude who are first on the scene to do damage control.

The recent Islamic terror attack in Orlando, Fl is a prime example.  The quick pivot of the White House towards deranged individuals and gun control rather than the simple fact that the killer was taking action on behalf of ISIS and in the name of Islam should disturb you down to the core.  And to make matters worse, the White House had their justice department scrub the transcript of the released 911 calls this Islamic murderer made to delete all references to Islam. This should make every American stand up and take notice.

We all know our founding principles have been under attack by the left wing mooching class for decades.  It is without a doubt their next attack will upon truth.  Truth is just about all that is left of the unique values that this country was built upon.  It is not by accident the first document of our national foundation, The Declaration of Independence, starts out by referring to the concept of truth. “We hold these truths to be self-evident….”

Our founding fathers knew that any relationship, whether it be between individuals, institutions, or governments must first be based on truth if it is to be a lasting one.  Now anybody with any amount of life’s experiences knows often the truth hurts.  Truth calls out our human weaknesses and personal failures and more times than not it does not make us feel very good. In fact it and is a source for depression in some individuals who look upon their lives as a hopeless succession of failures.

However, the plain simple truth is that you cannot build a solid foundation for a house on weak and shifting sand.  And twisting and contorting the truth is the shifting sand that causes a house to fall ( Matthew 7:24-27).

If our leaders in the private sector, public sector, religious, academic, or family institutions distort the truth they do so at their own peril and the peril of others.  Regardless of how painful or degrading the truth is history has taught us that we are far better off if we face it head on and act accordingly.  We fought World War II against a socialist nation led by people who actually had a Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joesph Goebbles.  He served in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945.

History has taught us that socialism cannot survive if it is under the microscope of truth.  This may be the greatest inherent danger of socialism.  We may very well be able to measure just how far our country has degraded by counting the lies and deceit that comes from the White House these days.  Note how our illustrious President recently gave a glorious speech about our success against ISIS. And the very next day the head of the CIA, John Brennan, told our Congress that we have not slowed ISIS or their ability to carry out global attacks in this country or any other country.

Now who do you think is telling the truth here.  You must remember every day the President gets a CIA briefing on world affairs and global threats.  Who knows best, the one that is doing the briefing or the one being briefed?  Words matter.

The left wing press is all over Donald Trump for his use of words, but when our own President says, “What does it matter what we call them?” the press manifests their true hypocrisy. If words don’t matter, than who cares what Donald Trump says.  After all, they are “just words” aren’t they?

The truth is words do matter. And just because the truth does not support what you want to think, or what you believe does not mean it should not be said.  You can choose not to listen to the truth and you can choose to ignore the truth, but you must never twist, distort, or just plain lie about the truth.

The right to know the truth is a basic natural human right we all have that was endowed upon us by the Creator.  And there is one truth that should never be in question above all others……………Cold beer is always better in the summertime!

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Nero Golfs, While Rome Burns

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IMG_6364By Larry Oscar

I guess it wouldn’t be normal if this year didn’t start off with some sort of rant about our screwed up government and the Bozo-in-chief in the White House, so here goes.

Most of us who enjoy movies can remember some of the more famous lines that good movies always seem to have. Take the movie Forest Gump.  One famous line in this movie was “Stupid is, as stupid does.”

I can’t help but think back seven years ago to the presidential campaign when all we heard from the media was how smart Obama is and how he was a shining star of wisdom and intelligence. What a laugh!  This clown can’t think his way out of a paper bag.  I  knew we were in trouble when he wouldn’t release his IQ or his grades.  Obviously they are not something he is very proud of.   After all, we wouldn’t want to destroy the myth would we. Funny how the truth eventually  comes out.

The world is on fire with Islamic fanatics beheading and burning alive any and all people that don’t agree with their version of religion.  Intolerance between nations, religions, and cultures is increasing daily.   And what great leadership is the anointed one providing?  Well, for starters he was at the National Prayer Breakfast recently. Now here he was, standing before people of all faiths, diverse cultures, and nationalities.   People who had come together to demonstrate their respect and tolerance for each other’s faith, as is our  tradition in this country.  These are people who are not trying to kill and behead each other like they are in the rest of the  world.  Here was a golden opportunity to show the world why the United States is an exceptional and tolerant nation, and what does Bozo do?  He gives a rant about the crusades that happened a thousand years ago.

Then he proceeds to lecture us about slavery.   You just can’t make this stuff up folks.  Some people, those that study history, think we are slowly and gradually entering World War III.  And they may be right. What is happening in the Ukraine and with ISIS is very reminiscent of Hitler’s Germany just before WWII.  If so, you
can expect a big announcement soon regarding a “Historically significant and glorious nuclear treaty with  Iran.”  This should just about complete the repetition of history.

It will be like Neville Chamberlain’s peace agreement with Hitler just before Germany invaded Poland.  Meantime, “Nero golfs, while Rome burns.”

Larry Oscar is a graduate from the University of Tulsa and holds a degree in electrical engineering. He is retired and lives with his wife on a lake in Oklahoma where he brews his own beer, sails, and is a member of numerous clubs and organizations.

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