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Rich Macleod: Leaves a Giant Legacy with In-Transit Perishables

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RichMacleod13With Rich Macleod’s pending departure from TransFresh Corporation June 30th, he leaves a legacy of being one of the most important individuals making immense contributions to in-transit perishable hauling since refrigerated truck transportation was invented following WWII.

It was 40 years ago that Rich joined TransFresh based in Salinas, CA, a company barely 10 years old focusing on perishables transportation.

Having known Rich much of this time and before that having covered a number of presentations by one of his mentors Dr. Bob Kasmire, Rich has always had a “soft spot” for produce trucking and the drivers of the big rigs delivering fresh fruits and vegetables.

“One thing that is critically important  to anyone working in this trade is to respect every single level of those people that are feeding the retail chains and the consumers,” Rich says.  “A lot of respect for the drivers comes from hanging out on these docks taking pulp temperatures, or atmosphere readings, or doing these studies on what’s going inside these trucks from a temperature standpoint.”

During this time Rich often spent a lot of time talking with truckers.

“They are a good group of professionals for the most part,” Rich says.

He also believes over the years produce shippers have started showing more respect for the men and women hauling those perishables.  He also sees fewer incidents of lumpers at unloading docks “messing” with drivers.

Likewise, he is observing more receivers following the Costco model.  In other words, if the truck arrives on time, it will be unloaded on time.  By no means does he see a perfect world in this regard as there are still claims and “monkey wrenches” thrown into situations.

“But for the most part  there has been a gradual improvement in the attitudes towards the drivers,” Rich states.  “I don’t know how you run a business without making sure the transportation piece is being well taken care of.”

Rich adds one doesn’t get to where they are in a career without a number of mentors.  A very important influence was Dr. Kasmire.  He worked very closely with Dr. Kasmire as a research assistant at the University of California, Davis on transit issues.  When Rich left for a career at TransFresh the two continued to working on projects together.

“A number of things in his publications are actually ideas that he and I generated together,” Rich recalls.  “That’s why I have a soft spot for transportation.  It is clearly generated by what Bob Kasmire taught me and what we’ve done together over the years.  It’s really some of his passion coming through in my career.”

Rich still sees opportunities for progress that can be made with equipment and with drivers for the safety of our food.  At the same time, it can’t be done by cutting corners.

“The reality is the drivers know when people are cutting corners.  They know when they stuff (over load) a trailer there is a risk.  They know when the buyer puts things on the truck that’s a risk.  These guys know and they keep their mouths shut because that’s where they are on  the job.  They could actually be efficiency experts,” Rich says.

Meanwhile, nearly 30 years after Rich created the Fresh Produce Mixer & Loading Guide, he still receives probably 100 requests a year for it.  The ground breaking in-transit research on berries at TransFresh will continue.

Rich seems very comfortable with the fact Michael Parachini, whose been with TransFresh 27 years, will continue his work.  He describes Michael as his “right hand arm” for the past 20-plus years, working with the shipper base, Techrol process and equipment that plays a key in longer shelf life for fruit.  He also names Reilly P. Rhodes, who has been with company over 20 years, saying he will have expanded roles that include marketing.  Rich says Reilly has been instrumental in developing storage solutions for blueberries.

While retiring as the director of the TransFresh Pallet Division, Rich isn’t one to be complacent in a rocking chair.  He will devote more time to helping the family with his aging parents, being more a part of the family grape and wine business, Macleod Family Vineyard in Sonoma County, CA, plus playing music in a local band.  Rich also hasn’t ruled out sharing his vast knowledge through consulting.




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TransFresh’s Rich Macleod to Retire after 40 Years

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RichMacleod13After 40 years of dedicated service, continuous innovation and unparalleled customer service, Rich Macleod, director of the TransFresh Corporation North America Pallet Division, will retire effective June 30, 2016, it was announced today by Ken Diveley, president and CEO, TransFresh.    

Macleod will be succeeded by long-time TransFresh veteran Michael Parachini and will remain available to Parachini, the Tectrol Service Network and TransFresh customers for a period of time to ensure a smooth transition.

“For many years, Rich has been the guiding force behind the success of the TransFresh Pallet Division and a wide range of pioneering services and operational innovations that have enhanced the efficiency and efficacy of the Tectrol Modified Atmosphere Packaging System, offering growers and shippers a system for increased marketability of their fresh berry products and retailers a potential for greater returns on their investment,” Diveley said.  “Although we will miss Rich and wish him a rewarding retirement, I am confident that the experienced TransFresh Tectrol Service Network, under Michael’s leadership, will carry on Rich’s legacy of exceptional technical know-how and commitment to customer service without missing a beat,” Diveley said.

Macleod earned his Master of Science degree in Postharvest Plant Physiology from the University of California, Davis, and worked as a research assistant in the UC Davis vegetable crops division.  In 1976, he joined TransFresh Corporation as a lab assistant and rapidly became involved in evaluating the commercial relevance of Tectrol Technologies across a wide range of commodities, ultimately helping to develop a range of new applications utilizing controlled and modified atmosphere packaging.

During his 40-year tenure, Macleod secured several key patents, led critical internal R&D initiatives, spearheaded proprietary research and partnered with prominent universities, federal agencies and produce trade organizations to study and quantify the economic efficacy of Tectrol Modified Atmospheres and cold chain control leading to improved retail shelf quality.  Throughout the years, MacLeod has consistently maintained that any technology developed by TransFresh or the trade must have a measurable economic impact on the retail front end.

Macleod served in increasingly senior positions at TransFresh until he was ultimately appointed as head of the Pallet Division in 1990.  Most recently, Macleod championed his team’s successful development of the new TransFresh Tectrol Storage Solutions for Blueberries.  The Storage Solution marries the Tectrol Technology with a unique zipper-sealed pallet closure system and a precision application of Apio’s patented BreatheWay® Technology to balance package permeability, resulting in stable atmospheres that are maintained over longer periods of time.

“I am grateful to have had a truly rewarding career in an industry that I love,” said Macleod, “and I am confident I am leaving behind a strong team that, with Michael at the helm, will continue to service our customers and the fresh produce industry with sound technical capabilities and dedicated effort.  I look forward to seeing their many achievements in the months and years to come.”

Parachini, who will shortly celebrate his 27th anniversary with TransFresh, brings to his new position an illustrious history with the company.  From operational and technical services management to R&D initiatives and from critical process improvements in support of customer needs to advanced equipment design and implementation, he has been deeply involved in the delivery and expansion of TransFresh and Tectrol Technologies throughout North America.  A third-generation Californian, Parachini received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Management from California Polytechnic State University.

About TransFresh

TransFresh is a pioneering and established global entity with 50 years of experience in perishables transport – recently recognized as a milestone achievement by America’s fresh produce hub, the City of Salinas, California.  Tectrol® is the trademarked brand name for the TransFresh family of proprietary modified and controlled atmosphere systems and processes developed and owned by TransFresh.   The Tectrol Service Network™ services, markets and supports the Tectrol® pallet and storage systems operations and technologies.  Since inception, TransFresh’s innovations in packaging, equipment and sealing processes have established Tectrol® as the industry standard.

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