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2016 Presidential Election was the Perfect Storm for Trump

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By Larry Oscar

Now that the Mueller investigation is completed, you just have to marvel at the absolute stupidity of it all.

It’s not hard to figure out why the 2016 presidential election turned out the way it did. After all it was a perfect storm. And it sure was fun watching it happen. To understand the sequence of events you need to go back to the 1992 election. In 1992 Bill Clinton defeated George Bush because of an independent named Ross Perot. Ross Perot got about 19 percent of the conservative vote which cost George Bush the election.

Now you fast forward to 2016 and you can see what the Clintons were afraid of. This time around they had an independent candidate that was running for president named Bernie Sanders. The only problem, he was a liberal. This must have struck fear into old thunder thighs Hillary. She could see the same thing happening to her as happened with George Bush. So, she cooked up a new strategy.

The Clintons needed to defeat Bernie Sanders in the primary election. That would insure he used up almost all of his campaign funds and prevent him from competing in the general election by running as an independent. So they invited him to compete in the Democratic primary election. The only risk factor was that the Clintons needed to assure themselves there was absolutely no way Bernie could win the primary. They did this by loaning the Democratic Committee over $20 million and rigging the primary election process with so called super delegates. This would insure just in case the primary voters actually voted for Bernie they could nullify the voters choice and coronate queen Hillary.

This is something that every Democrat voter should be up in arms about, but they’re not. Well, maybe one Democrat was. As usual the best plans of mice and men always seem to go awry. Here is good lesson we all should learn. You almost never get into trouble for what you don’t say. You almost always get into trouble for what you do say. With all of their money and political hacks in place there was no way Hillary could lose except for one small detail. Hillary and her cronies had communicated their plans by email to Debbie Wassermann-Shultz who was the DNC party head at that time. And they did it on a server that some stupid Democrat set the computer password to “PASSWORD”.

Now you just can’t make this stuff up. How absolutely stupid can you be? It’s my guess someone who was a Bernie supporter found these emails and was livid about what they had discovered. They turned them over to Wiki Leaks who published them and blew the entire rigged election scheme wide open. Wasserman-Shultz had to resign.

Enough Bernie supporters stayed home or voted for Donald Trump and the rest is now history. Now you throw in all the fake news the Russians posted on the internet. Mix it well with all the stupid things Hillary told the voters like, “We’re going to put a lot of you coal miners out of work. But don’t worry we’re going to retrain you for other jobs.”

Another good one was when she tried to get people who were voting for Trump to support her by calling them deplorable. Every good politician knows you can insult voters into voting for you don’t they? My guess is the one who was most surprised by the 2016 election results was Donald Trump himself.

Now all the while this was going on the FBI and DOJ had their own issues. If they went hard on Hillary for her other e-mail scandal then they were going to be in the Clinton crosshairs after she won the election. They didn’t want to lose their big fat government retirement checks. So Comey, McCabe, Struck, Page, and the rest all played along and let Hillary slide. Then they cooked up an “insurance policy” to prevent Trump from winning by using a Clinton paid for fake dossier from Russia. All to get a FISA court warrant to spy on Trump. This was better than an old Pink Panther movie.

The Clintons are out millions and lost the election. The Mueller investigation cost tax payers well over $25 million. The Democrats are in complete chaos and have a bunch of total losers running for president in 2020. Congress remains dysfunctional and has a group of air heads like AOC and Omar to deal with. And the UK was inspired by this mess and voted to pull out of the European Union.

Now let’s not forget our good old friends the Russians. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in disrupting our country. I bet they are sitting around, sipping vodka, and wondering… “How could we have possibly lost that ‘Cold War’ thing to these idiots?”

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