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CarbAmericas will Import Mexican Organic Asparagus; Mountain King is Shipping Butter Reds

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A2By CarbAmericas

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. – CarbAmericas will start shipping Cypress Creek Organic green asparagus from Caborca, Mexico in January 2019.  CarbAmericas is the premier importer of fresh fruits and vegetables celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018.

The season will start in January and run through April 15 and pick up again from October to March. CarbAmericas will offer long term and contract pricing for its organic asparagus program. This new organic program will complement the company’s longstanding conventional asparagus offerings.

CarbAmericas will supply organic asparagus in 11/1lb and 28/1lb boxes, consisting of standard and large size asparagus.

“We will also pack our organic asparagus in a 12 oz bag that will be more convenient for the consumer, introduce “new customers” to the organic category through purchase triggers, and will provide a better price point,” said Jeff Friedman, president of CarbAmericas.

The Caborca-grown product will load in Yuma Arizona.

The company takes a holistic approach, working with category management processes and our retail partners to bring new customers to the Organic category.


About CarbAmericas

CarbAmericas was established in 1993 and is a vertically integrated, year-round supplier and importer of fruits and vegetables. Specializing in asparagus, broccoli, mangos, berries, snow and sugar snap peas, CarbAmericas ships to both retail and foodservice in the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America.  With team members working alongside their growers across the Americas, CarbAmericas truly stands behind its commitment to take a holistic approach, working with category management processes and retail partners to bring new customers to the organic category.

Mountain King Potatoes

by MountainKing Potatoes

HOUSTON, TX – MountainKing Potatoes has announced the completion of a bumper crop-like harvest of its Butter Reds, one of the company’s most popular gourmet varieties.

Originally from the Netherlands, the 100-percent all-natural variety from Colorado’s San Luis Valley relies on Beta-Carotene for its intense yellow flesh.   Fresh packed in 3#, 5# and 10# poly bags, the newly harvested Butter Reds are available October to April.

Known for their waxy texture which holds up better to boiling, roasting and grilling, MountainKing’s Butter Reds have become a preferred choice for stews, potato salads and when roasted with fresh herbs and grilled.

MountainKing Potatoes is one of the world’s largest growers of high-flavor potato varieties.  Currently, about one million U.S. households enjoy MountainKing products every week.



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