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Exports of Peruvian Citrus are Expected to Increase this Season

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Peruvian citrus exports are building as the season moves further into March. Volumes are seen as being similar to last year when movement increased 2 percent. This season about a 5 percent increase is forecast.

Procitrus, Peru’s Citrus Producer’s Association, points out mandarin exports, represent 81 percent of all fruit in the category. Behind mandarins are oranges with 11 percent of all citrus exports and limes with 7 percent.

Main primary export markets for Peruvian citrus remain the U.S. – with 35 percent market share – the U.K. – 19 percent – and Holland – 16 percent. While these markets remain pretty consistent for the industry, exporters continue looking for new markets.

Weather also looks to be favorable for the season and the industry anticipates strong quality and quantity.

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