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South Texas Leads Central U.S. Loading Opportunities

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We are trudging through February as it is still weeks away before signs of spring produce volume starts to increase. However, you might finding some loading opportunities in the middle of the country. These states are in the Central Time Zone, except for Colorado (MST).

South Texas/Mexico

By far the most volume in this third of the country is the Lower Rio Grande Valley of south Texas with crossings from Mexico. While there is some domestically grown product here such as grapefruit (about 60 truck loads a week) and oranges, there is little else except maybe some partial loads of cabbage in the Winter Garden District.

Otherwise, your best bet is with the distribution houses near the Texas/Mexico border.

Mexican tomatoes, easily led by vine ripes, are averaging nearly 1,100 truckload equivalents a week. Avocados are amounting to about 1,125 loads each week.

After this, volume is much lower with other commodities by comparison. There are about 650 truck loads of Mexican limes crossing the border each week. Other leading vegetables are bell peppers, strawberries, watermelons, cucumbers and broccoli, plus countless other products in much smaller volume.

South Texas produce -grossing about $3400 to Atlanta; $5700 to New York City.


Colorado ranks second to Idaho in potato shipments with most volume coming out of the San Luis Valley, currently averaging over 700 truckloads per week.

San Luis Valley potatoes – grossing about $4300 to New York City.


Central Wisconsin in the Stevens Point area ranks third in potato loadings and is now averaging close to 300 truck loads a week.

Wisconsin potatoes – grossing about $3400 to Houston.

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National Shipping Roundup from Onions to Texas Fruit and Western Veggies

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020Here’s a national produce shipping round up ranging from both domestic and imported onions, to South Texas and imported Mexican items, to Western U.S. vegetable shipments.

Caution is recommended for hauling onions out of the Northwest, including Idaho, Oregon and Washington.  Weather problems earlier in the year are being blamed.

Meanwhile, quality apparently is much better for onion shipments out of Utah and Colorado.  Loadings involve red, white and yellow storage onions.  Northeast Colorado onion shipments will continue  through the end of the year and Utah onion shipments will be available into February.

Imported Peruvian sweet onions continues, with the heaviest volume being available through Thanksgiving.  Lighter volume imports of onions from Peru will continue into February.

Western Idaho and Malheur County, Oregon onions  – grossing about $3400 to Dallas.

Columbia Basin, Washington, potatoes and onions – grossing about $4200 to Chicago.

South Texas Produce Shipments

Texas grapefruit shipments and Texas orange shipments from the Lower Rio Grande Valley got underway a couple of weeks ago and are moving into steady volume.  Total volume this season is expected to be about normal.  There also are numerous items from Mexico crossing the border into Pharr, TX.  There’s over 600 truck loads of avocados and nearly 400 truck loads of limes crossing the border weekly.  There ‘s also lesser amounts of lemons and other items.

South Texas citrus and imported Mexican tropical fruit – grossing about $2500 to Chicago, $3900 to New York City.


The trendy vegetable item kale will continue to be shipped from the Salinas Valley, while loadings out of Yuma, AZ will start in mid November, along with several other desert vegetable shipments such as lettuce.

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