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Easy Peelers Account for Biggest Jump from Southern Hemisphere

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Southern hemisphere citrus exports have risen by more than 25 percent over the past 10 years, with the European market and the easy peeler category driving much of the growth, according to data from the World Citrus Organization (WCO).

Shipments from the region including South Africa, Peru, Chile, and Argentina – rose 27 percent from 2.6 million metric tons (MT) in 2010 to 3.3 million MT in 2019, with the majority of the growth coming after 2014. The region with the highest share of southern hemisphere citrus imports is the European Union with 34 percent. Next is Asia with 24 percent, North America with 18 percent, the Middle East with 13 percent and Eastern Europe with 7 percent.

The easy peeler category has been responsible for most of the growth. In 2008 there was a volume of 342,000MT of mandarins and tangelos traded worldwide from the southern hemisphere. In 2014 this figure increased slightly to 465,000MT.

However, to 2019 there was an increase to more than 739,000MT, representing 16 percent of southern hemisphere citrus exports. On average in this category there has been a 10 percent growth per year for the last five years.

North America imports the largest volumes of easy peelers from the southern hemisphere, with a total of 39 percent in 2019. Of this total, Chile is the leading exporter to this market with almost 150,000MT. In second place comes Peru with approximately 70,000MT, followed by South Africa, Uruguay and Argentina.

In second place as an importer is the European Union with 27 percent, which is over 200,000MT. In this case, South Africa is in the leading exporter, with a total of almost 150,000MT of the total exported. Peru is followed with a total of approximately 50,000MT.

In third position as an importer is Asia with 18 percent, representing almost 150,000MT, with Australia as the leading exporting country with almost 70,000MT. South Africa follows with 50,000MT, and in last place with 10,000MT each are Peru and Argentina.

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