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TransFresh® “Doubles Down” with New Tectrol® Application, Ahead of Peak Berry Shipments

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TransFreshLogo2By TransFresh Corporation

TransFresh® Corporation of Salinas, CA has announced that usage has expanded for its high velocity Tectrol® application systems, recently placed in multiple cooler locations ahead of peak Strawberry production, increasing efficiency and throughput for berries bound for US and Canadian markets.

According to TransFresh, the specialized equipment systems facilitate the proficient application and sealing of poly sheeting in a seamless and reliable operation, meeting significantly higher demand for Tectrol. TransFresh and its Tectrol Modified Atmosphere Packaging systems are best known industry-wide for adding a level of protection to help ensure the quality and marketability of fresh berry products throughout the supply chain.

Every step of the Tectrol process is happening simultaneously with the high velocity systems: gripping and lifting pallet cartons to apply bottom sheeting, installing and sealing bags and adding beneficial atmospheres to immediately trigger the slowing of senescence.

RichMacleod13According to Rich Macleod, vice president, TransFresh, the high-performance method substantially increases the number of Tectrol pallets processed per hour, increasing the total volume of Tectrol strawberries that move through each cooler facility. “In sum,” he stated, “the TransFresh investment in research, equipment development and installation has resulted in greater efficiency and throughput as well as enhanced sealing efficacy.”

Macleod further stated that the continuing strong interest in Tectrol Modified Atmosphere Packaging systems was spurred by a comprehensive research initiative conducted by two leading academic postharvest departments under the US Department of Agriculture Specialty Crops Project with the mission to increase the consumption of specialty crops, such as strawberries, through enhanced quality and safety. Under the project, teams from the University of California at Davis and the University of Florida jointly evaluated the efficacy of pallet cover systems to maintain strawberry fruit quality during commercial shipment. Findings concluded that “transporting strawberries in the sealed TransFresh Tectrol pallet cover system in which CO2 concentrations were elevated at consistent levels was most effective in complementing low temperature management practices to reduce decay and maintain fruit quality.” The research, Comparison of Pallet Cover Systems to Maintain Strawberry Fruit Quality during Transit (HortTechnology, Aug. 2012), also concluded that after a two-day shelf life, fruit from the Tectrol pallets achieved “significantly less decay” than other systems evaluated.

Macleod concluded that the development and installation of the high performance equipment system at these multiple cooling locations is the result of TransFresh’s commitment to support the berry trade as a whole by fulfilling its fundamental mission to protect berry quality.

About TransFresh®  

TransFresh is a pioneering and established global entity with nearly 50 years of experience in perishables transport.  Tectrol® is the trademarked brand name for the TransFresh® family of proprietary modified and controlled atmosphere systems and processes developed and owned by TransFresh.  The Tectrol Service Network™ services, markets and supports the Tectrol pallet systems operations and technologies. Since inception, TransFresh’s innovations in packaging, equipment and sealing processes have established Tectrol as an industry standard. For more information, visit

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