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Time Temperature Indicator is Food Safety Finalist

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DeltaTRAK will showcase the ThermoTrace Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) solution at the United Fresh show in San Diego, CA May 15th and 16th,  (booth#1508). The TTI solution has been chosen as a United Fresh Best New Food Safety Product Finalist.

DeltaTRAK’s ThermoTrace TTI solution provides customers with a cost effective way to use 2D bar codes combined with chemical label technology to monitor accumulated temperature abuse of products as they travel through the cold chain. Recently selected as a United Fresh Best New Food Safety Product Finalist, the solution is unique in the marketplace and enhances our customer’s ability to add temperature information to the PTI guidelines for documentation.

DeltaTRAK’s FlashRF Data Central is a cloud-based solution that provides a system wide view and control of locally installed FlashLink RF 2.4 GHz wireless temperature/humidity monitoring networks. FlashRF Data Central is accessed through all modern web browsers and provides an easy-to-use interface that combines topical facility maps, logger temperature graphs and hierarchical facility network structures. Produce growers, shippers, processors and retailers can quickly access temperature data at any given time giving you better visibility of produce quality.

DeltaTRAK manufactures and sells a variety of data loggers and in-transit recorders to meet your cold chain management needs. Data loggers and in-transit recorders are an important part of any cold chain management solution. The ability to record temperature during transport helps to determine if a shipment of produce should be accepted or rejected. Data recorded during storage can help determine if a temperature-sensitive commodity is being stored at its optimum temperature for freshness.

For more information please contact your DeltaTRAK representative at or by calling 800-962-6776/925-249-2250.

DeltaTRAK, Inc. is a leading innovator of Cold Chain Management and Food Safety, and Environment Monitoring Solutions.

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New Time-Temperature Indicator Labels Introduced

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PLEASANTON, Calif. – DeltaTRAK®, a leading innovator of cold chain, environmental monitoring and food safety management solutions, announced the introduction of its DeltaTRAK TempDot Plus time-temperature indicator labels. The low-cost irreversible labels are designed to provide positive indication that the label has been activated and is in the “ON” condition. If a temperature breach occurs the product provides detailed visual information indicating the excursion length. The new labels feature unique graphics and provide the user with a green “ON” button following the IEC 5009 standard. The highly accurate labels also provide individual label serial numbers for traceability.

“The TempDot labels’ design allows them to remain completely inert prior to use so that preconditioning is not required, allowing them to be shipped or stored under most conditions and significantly reducing cost of ownership,” said Frederick Wu, president and CEO of DeltaTRAK. “Additional benefits over existing chemical labels include the easy-to-read activation and progress windows which confirm when the label is on, and the imprinted serial numbers assure traceability.”

DeltaTRAK TempDot Plus labels monitor the cumulative amount of time the label is exposed to temperature above its threshold. When a temperature excursion occurs the blue dye, which is generally recognized as safe, melts and progresses through a window with clearly indicated time markers. When temperature returns below the label’s threshold the dye solidifies and stops moving. This irreversible process allows the label to measure cumulative temperature abuse time above threshold temperature. TempDot Plus labels provide traceable temperature information on all forms of temperature sensitive products helping our customers meet the requirements of state and federal regulations such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) and the FDA Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guidance. The labels are available in multiple temperature ranges with specific thresholds and run out times for food, pharmaceutical and biologics applications.About DeltaTRAK®

DeltaTRAK® is a leading innovator of cold chain management, environmental monitoring and food safety solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, life sciences and chemical industries. The company’s cold chain management and food safety solutions include a wide range of temperature, humidity, and pH monitoring and recording devices, such as data loggers, wireless systems, and a variety of professional thermometers. DeltaTRAK also manufactures facility and mobile environment monitoring solutions that provide real-time data access to centralized web/cloud based data. Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, DeltaTRAK has an R&D facility in San Diego, California, a manufacturing and distribution facility in Modesto, California, and an electronic assembly plant in Shenzhen, China. Contact DeltaTRAK by phone at 1-800-962-6776 or by email at Additional information can be found at

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‘One Touch’ Tags are Introduced by TempTrip

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TempTrip combines flexible performance and an affordable price in a reusable device the size of a credit card.  It is  a new one-touch temperature sensing tag with a five-year battery.

The Broomfield, CO-based company introduced the new UHF tag at the Produce Marketing Association’s (PMA) Fresh Summit, last month in Anaheim, Calif.

The ultra-thin tag has a button that can be pressed to start and/or mark temperature data at multiple points during a product’s cold chain journey.   If the temperature is out of range a red light blinks.   A green light displays if programmed parameters have been maintained, the news release states.

The new tags are effective from about -20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Thousands of time and temperature points can be logged to help manage food safety.  They can be attached to packages, cases, or pallets.

The product has microprocessors  allowing for a variety of calculations including remaining shelf life, mean kinetic temperature and multi-parameter alarms. Custom product configurations are written to each tag and are easily updated in the field.

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New Cold Chain Tracability by DeltaTRACK

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DeltaTRAK’s ThermoTrace Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) cold chain technology is a comprehensive solution that allows manufacturers, processers and receivers of temperature sensitive commodities to cost effectively track cumulative product temperature abuse experienced at the a pallet or carton level from origin to consumer. From supplier through warehousing and distribution all the way to the consumer, the ThermoTrace TTI system gives customers the exact data they need to assess product quality and shelf life. The system can also be used to monitor and verify temperature performance of equipment such as display cases, reach-in coolers or cold holding areas.

The DeltaTRAK ThermoTrace TTI Solution is a combination of the company’s ThermoTrace TTI Service and its ThermoTrace TTI Labels. The unique low-cost single-use barcode ThermoTrace TTI labels provide the user with immediate product quality information on industrial barcode readers (WiFi/GSM/CDMA) or consumer based Smartphone’s (iPhone and Android). ThermoTrace TTI Service provides the customer with immediate quality information and email and/or SMS text messages.

Enter to Win an Android Tablet by Scanning this Label

Scanning Instructions:

Download the “DeltaTRAK Scanner” app from the Apple app store on your iPhone or the “ThermoTrace Monitor” app from the Google Play store on your Android and scan the barcode on the TTI image to enter to win. Scan the label directly on your computer screen or print and scan it to enter to win an Android Tablet!


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