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Lori Anne Peaches are Back In-Stores for the Summer

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RIDGE SPRING, SC – Lori Anne Peaches are back in stores at select retailers nationwide. The varieties that make up the Lori Anne Peach brand are chosen for flavor and are the absolute best of the best fruit grown at Titan Farms. Knowing Lori Anne Peaches will bring back childhood memories of chin dripping goodness and summertime fun, Titan Farms has revamped their POS signage for the upcoming season. Additionally, Lori Anne Carr will continue the tradition of in-store demos at select retailer locations in Minnesota and Louisiana this July and August. 

“The opportunity to interact directly with customers is genuinely something I look forward to.  We are excited to be able to travel and introduce Lori Anne Peaches to new market areas for these retailers.  Consumers ask the best questions and I have the opportunity to share stories about the farm, peaches, and our family.  At the same time, I am also able to share tips, techniques, and even some recipes!  It’s truly a lot of fun!”  – Lori Anne Carr, Vice President and Administrative Manager

“Lori Anne Peaches are by far the best tasting peaches I’ve ever had; there’s really no comparison.” – Lori Anne Peach repeat customer

For more than 10 years, Titan Farms has grown a beautiful peach like none other named the Lori Anne Peach, where only the top 20 percent of their peaches are selected for this brand. Grown by Chalmers and Lori Anne Carr, this peach is so special that Chalmers could not think of a better name than that of his beloved wife. College sweethearts, who are partners in life and in business, they have produced this ripe consistently tasty peach with just enough fuzz – a special peach that brings back memories of Southern summer days passed, and lazy days shared with family while a warm homemade peach cobbler cools on the kitchen counter. These peaches receive a lot of tender loving care—ripened by humid South Carolina nights, harvested by hand, and carefully selected for packing—giving Lori Anne’s Peaches that special flavor – just how a peach should taste: the perfect marriage between ripeness and flavor.

“A peach so special I named it after my wife.” – Chalmers Carr, President and CEO

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About Titan Farms

Founded in 1999 by Chalmers and Lori Anne Carr, Titan Farms is a premier grower, packer and shipper of fresh peaches and vegetables. With core values focused on producing the highest quality produce in the market, you are sure to take home the freshest produce they have available. Today, Titan Farms is the largest peach grower on the east coast, with over 6,200 acres of peaches, 600 acres of bell peppers, 1,000 acres of broccoli and 36 acres of eggplant. Titan Farms is a family-run operation, including long-time employees who have become part of their Titan family.

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Largest Peach Shipper in the Eastern U.S. Kicks Off Season

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By Titan Farms

RIDGE SPRING, S.C. –  Titan Farms, the premier grower, packer and processor of peaches in the Eastern United States, has kicked off another season of South Carolina peaches, with initial loadings that took place in time for Memorial Day celebrations.

Titan Farms is the second largest producer of peaches in the country behind California and the largest producer in the East Coast with over 6,000 acres in production.

“We’re the only vertically integrated peach grower on the East Coast. We grow it, we pack it, we sell it. This gives us optimal control over quality at all times,” says Daryl Johnston, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Titan Farms.s

“We’re excited to get peach season started here in South Carolina,” says, Johnston. “We had an optimal winter that will provide our customers with a great tasting peach throughout the season. With an increasing interest in consumer packs – especially the two-pound bag, volume fill and retail promotions, we’re looking forward to an exciting year with our partners. At the end of the day, our goal is to help our retail partners grow their peach category. We are supporting them with a range of different retail promotions to help drive their sales.”

About Titan Farms

Titan Farm peaches will be shipping from the end of May through early September to retailers across the U.S.

Based in Ridge Spring, South Carolina, Titan Farms is the premier grower, packer and shipper of over 3 million boxes of fresh peaches, broccoli and bell peppers annually.

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Positive Outlook for South Carolina Peach Shipments

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BDSCN7131y South Carolina Department of Agriculture

COLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina peach shippers are looking forward to an excellent peach crop in 2016 in spite of the challenges they faced last year. Favorable growing conditions have given growers a positive outlook for a fruitful crop of everyone’s favorite summertime treat.

After delays from heavy rains in the fall, growers immediately began working on the upcoming season. Planting new trees, installing irrigation lines, and pruning established orchards keep South Carolina growers busy year round. Countless hours of hard work are required in the fall and winter to set up ideal conditions for the spring and summer.

“We are off to a good start for the 2016 peach crop,” said Matt Forrest, President of the SC Peach Council and co-owner of Dixie Belle Peaches. “After a late start to winter, we now expect to accumulate more than enough of the necessary chill hours and are anticipating a normal bloom date in a few weeks.”

With an unusually warm fall, growers have been monitoring weather stations daily. Peach trees require between 600 – 1000 chill hours, depending on variety, to overcome dormancy. Farmers choose plant varieties that coincide with their location based on these figures to ensure the highest quality fruit. As the weather has finally turned cool, these hours below 45°F are steadily accumulating and South Carolina peach farmers feel confident that these requirements will be met.

“Although we had a late start to our winter season, once the cold temperatures arrived, we have been in an excellent position to accumulate chill hours with very consistent temperatures and highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s,” said Chalmers Carr, president of Titan Farms. “We are well-beyond the minimum chill hours necessary and look forward to a great spring leading into an even better peach season.”

With a firm foundation already laid for the 2016 peach season, South Carolina farmers are anticipating a successful season. As the top peach producing state on the East Coast, and second in the nation only to California, South Carolina represents a large percentage of the nation’s peach crop. Customers from across North America are expecting quality South Carolina peaches to put on their tables. South Carolina farmers are excited to again provide them with the tastiest peaches in the country.

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East Coast Shipments: SC Peaches to NC Melons, and NY Veggies

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135_3539+1From South Carolina peaches to Tar Heel state watermelons and finally – New York vegetables, here some loading opportunities.

South Carolina peaches shippers are touting one of their best seasons ever.

The peach state should easily surpass 4 million 25-pound boxes this season.  This compares to last season when 3.5 million boxes were shipped.

South Carolina now has 20,000 acres of peach orchards, and recently surpassed the half-way mark in the season.  The biggest peach shipper in the state is Titan Farms in Ridge Spring, SC, which has shipped about a million boxes this season and another million boxes is left to be moved.  The shipper is reported to be loading about 100 truck loads per week.

Another shipper in the state is McLeod Farms in McBee, SC, which has peaches coming of off 650 acres.

South Carolina ranks second in peach shipments, with the Upstate and The Ridge area of the state, producing about 80 percent of the state’s peaches.

South Carolina peaches and vegetables – grossing bout $3200 to New York City.

North Carolina Watermelon Shipments

Watermelon rates went a little “crazy” this past week from the Tar Heel state, jumping by as much as 35 percent to Baltimore and Philly.  Volume has jumped, with the state moving over 600 truck loads per week.

North Carolina watermelons – grossing about $1600 Baltimore.

New York Produce Shipments

Cabbage, beans and other vegetables from central and western areas of New York state are increasing in volume.


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Loading Opportunities for East Coast Peaches

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DSCN4527Peach shipments are past their peak in Georgia, while increasing in volume from South Carolina.  New Jersey peach loadings will get underway soon.

Georgia peach shipments from the Fort Valley are now in the last half of the season.  Weather factors earlier in the year are going to result in only about a 60 percent crop over all.  For example, Lane Southern Orchards, the state’s largest peach shipper, expects to ship about 475,000 25-pound half bushel cartons this season, compared to 750,000 bushels a year ago.  Lane should be shipping into the last half August.

Georgia is moving about 100 truck loads of peaches per week.

Georgia peach shipments – grossing about $3400 to Boston.

South Carolina Peach Shipments

Titan Farms in Ridge Spring, SC expects to ship its highest volume of fruit from mid July through August, while winding down the season in early September.  Titan is believed to be South Carolina’s largest peach shipper.

South Carolina is loading about 200 truck loads of peaches weekly, with volume still increasing.

South Carolina peaches – grossing about $3100 to New York City.

New Jersey Peach Shipments

New Jersey peach shipments are expected to be good this season when it kicks off in late July.  We’ll have more details soon.

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