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U.S. Apple Shipments to be Up Slightly from Last Season

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The USDA has forecast U.S. apple total production for 2023 at 9.91 billion pounds, up 1% from 2022.

In Washington state, better growing conditions are leading to an expected 9% increase in production from the previous year, according to the USDA’s August production report. Washington’s apple output is estimated at 6.7 billion pounds, up from 6.14 billion pounds last season.

In New York state, a mild winter that weakened the cold hardiness of the apple crop followed by a very warm spring has caused the expected production to be the lowest since 2012, according to the USDA. New York apple production is estimated at 1.1 billion pounds, down 19% from 1.355 billion pounds a year ago.

In Michigan, there were no widespread spring frost damage events, and July precipitation enhanced fruit sizing, according to the USDA. Michigan apple production is estimated by the USDA at 1.15 billion pounds, 15% less than 1.36 billion pounds in 2022.

Early-season variety harvesting has begun in southern Michigan, according to the report.

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NW Apple Shipments to be Down, But Total U.S. Volume Expected Similar to Last Year

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U.S. Apple shipments were lagging at the start of the season during the past month or so, but overall volume is expected to be similar to 2021-2022.

But it’s going to be a little different for the 2022-2023 season simply because Washington represents 75 to 80 percent of fresh apple production in the United States. The growing conditions in Washington state are a critical factor in total US apple production for the country.

Honeybear Marketing LLC of Brewster, WA reports a difficult growing season in Washington this year due to a cool spring and a spotty bloom.

The vertically integrated, multi-region apple grower and packer reports the Honeycrisp and Gala varieties have been hit hardest and the state’s fresh apple production is expected to be down from 120 million bushels last year to a projected 105, to 110 million this year.

The Midwest and Northeast make up the remainder of US apple production. Each region has a share of about 10-15 percent in total US production. Last year was a tough year for the Midwest, only harvesting about 60 percent of a normal crop due to frost. This year however, both Michigan in the Midwest and New York in the Northeast are expecting a full crop. All in all, total US fresh apple production is expected to be similar to last year.

A colder spring is caused a late start with the apple harvest, which was delayed a couple of weeks and didn’t really get underway until around Labor Day for the early varieties. The result has been shipping gap, especially for varieties like Gala and Fuji. Some retailers have reported empty selves until the new crop to arrive in stores.

With many regions being out of fruit before new harvest arrives, retailers and processors are looking to the Southern Hemisphere for imported supplies. In fact further reliance on dual hemisphere supplies are predicted to last into the spring and summer of 2023 because the overall domestic crop volume for this year has not much different from last year.

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Initial Estimate for U.S. Apple Shipments Show Small Increase over Last Season

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According to a USApple analysis of Agriculture Department data, total U.S. apple production for the 2022/23 CY will be more than 10.7 billion pounds or 255 million bushels. This represents a 2.7% increase compared to last year’s production figure and is 3.5% less than the five-year production average.

 USApple Director of Industry Analytics Chris Gerlach noted these figures are more comprehensive than USDA data, which only look at the top seven apple-producing states. “We’ve analyzed the production from states outside of the top seven and added that back to USDA’s figure,” explained Gerlach.

At the varietal level, Gala is expected to retain the top spot with almost 46 million bushels produced, accounting for around 18% of the U.S. apple market. Rounding out the top five are Red Delicious (34 m bu), Fuji (26 m bu), Honeycrisp (25 m bu) and Granny Smith (24 m bu).”

In general, the varieties on the rise include Honeycrisp, Pink Lady/Cripps Pink and Cosmic Crisp. Fuji, Granny Smith and Rome varieties have remained relatively consistent compared to 2017/18 production volumes. Varieties on the decline include Golden Delicious, Gala and Red Delicious.

“On the positive side, Honeycrisp production has increased by 48% or 8 million bushels in the past five years,” said Gerlach. “Conversely, Red Delicious decreased by 41% or 24 million bushels during the same period.”

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Remaining Apples to be Shipped Down Double Digits from a Year Ago

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Remaining U.S. fresh apples remaining to be shipped on November 1 were 12 percent less than the same time last year, according to the first storage report of the season from the U.S. Apple Association of Falls Church, VA.

Fresh apple remaining in storage for shipping on November 1 were 117.5 million (42-pound) cartons, 12 percent less than the inventories the same time a year ago.

Processing holdings were 45 million cartons, 6 percent less than the same time last year. Total apples in storage on November 1 were 162.5 million cartons, 10 percent less than a year ago and 4 percent below the 5-year average for that date. 

The U.S. Apple fresh inventories on November 1, with percent change compared with a year ago:

  • Gala: 24.2 million cartons, down 15 percent ; and
  • Red delicious: 21.17 million cartons, down 24 percent;
  • Honeycrisp: 15.34 million cartons, up 3.6 percent;
  • Granny smith: 13.37 million cartons, down 15 percent;
  • Golden delicious: 5.01 million cartons, down 38 percent.
  • Cosmic Crisp: 1.631 million cartons, up 533 percent.

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U.S. Apple Loadings for New Season May Be down Slightly

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By U.S. Apple Association

USApple calculates the USDA’s August estimate of 253.6 million bushels (down 3 percent from the 2019 crop) would be the 9th largest crop since the government department began reporting apple production in the 1940s.

The 2019 apple crop was the 6th largest crop in history, said the U.S. Apple Association recently at the organization’s 125th Annual Crop and Outlook Marketing Conference. Apple exports also rebounded during the past year, with a 15 percent increase in volume.

At 262 million (42lb units) bushels, the 2019 apple crop was up 8 percent in volume from 2018.

The industry continued the trend to adapt to consumer preferences by increasing production of Honeycrisp, which is expected to rise by 12 percent, moving it ahead of Granny Smith and Fuji into third place in national production.

“With the 2018 crop, Red Delicious lost the position it had held for decades as the largest volume variety to Gala,” said USApple Director of Regulatory and Industry Affairs Mark Seetin. “Projections for the current crop are that Gala will continue to expand its edge over Red Delicious and will remain the largest volume variety produced.” 

The 2020 top five produced apple varieties are: 1) Gala 2) Red Delicious 3) Honeycrisp 4) Granny Smith and 5) Fuji.

The top 3 varieties (Gala, Red Delicious and Honeycrisp) comprise 48 percent of all production. The top five varieties (adding Granny Smith and Fuji) comprise 67 percent. 

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U.S. Fresh Apple Shipments Forecast to be Down Slightly

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U.S. apple shipments from fresh and processed production is estimated for 2020 to be 253.6 million (42-pound) cartons, down from 262.3 million cartons in 2019, according to the USDA.

Forecast apple production this season is expected to be lower in all states except Oregon.

Late winter weather in Michigan delayed development of spring buds and some orchards there suffered a severe freeze in early May.

The USDA’s 2020 estimates for fresh and processed apples, in 42-pound cartons, with percent change from the 2019 crop:

  • California: 6.42 million cartons, down 11.5 percent;
  • Michigan: 21.9 million cartons, down 2.8 percent;
  • New York: 30.9 million cartons, down 1.6 percent;
  • Oregon: 4.28 million cartons, up 20 percent;
  • Pennsylvania: 10 million cartons, down 17.2 percent;
  • Virginia: 3.8 million cartons, 15.8 percent; and
  • Washington: 176.2 million cartons, down 2.7 percent.

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Fresh Apples Remaining to be Shipped Remain Above Last Year

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There are 21 percent more fresh apples remaining in storages to be shipped this season compared to a year ago

As of May 1 the total stood at 46.8 million 42-pound bushels, which is 21 percent greater than a year ago, and 18 percent more than the five-year average.

The U.S. Apple Association reports apples in storage for the processing market on May 1 totaled 18.4 million bushels, 18 percent more than year-ago levels, and 12 percent more than the five-year average.

While fewer fresh-market apples were moved out of storage in April, the COVID-19 pandemic did not lead to a significant drop in fresh sales from year-to-year, according to statistics in the apple association’s monthly MarketNews report.

U.S. fresh-apple movement in April was 11.99 million bushels, compared with  12.3 million in April 2019. In April 2018, 13.78 million bushels were shipped, leaving 43.95 million bushels of fresh apples in storage.

The states with the most fresh-market apples on May 1, in bushels, were:

Washington: 43.48 million; New York: 1.46 million; Michigan: 700,00; and Pennsylvania: 458,000.

The leading fresh-market varieties in storage on May 1, in bushels, were:

  • Red delicious: 11.16 million
  • Gala: 9.56 million
  • Granny smith: 6.7 million
  • Fujis: 6.13 million
  • Golden: 3.72 million
  • Honeycrisp: 3.19 million
  • Cripps pink/Pink Lady: 2.38 million

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15% More Apples Remain to be Shipped Over Last Season

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Total apples remaining to be shipped from U.S. storages has remained consistently high so far this year, holding steady at 15 percent up from a year ago-on-year.,

As of April 1st in the U.S., there were 81.7 million bushels of apples in storage, up from 71.3 million last year. This year’s figure is also 8 percent above the five-year average.

Fresh apples in storage specifically were registered at 58.7 million, which is also 15 percent up last year. But it is only fractionally higher than the 2017 figure for April of 57.7 million.

Apples for processing in storage came in at 23 million bushels, up 12 percent from a year ago, and slightly below the 23.5 million registered at the same point in the 2017 season.

Breaking down fresh apples in storage remaining to shipped by varieties as of April 1:

Fuji is at 7.7m bushels (6.2m in 2019, 7.2m in 2018) Gala is at 12.3m bushels (9.8m in 2019, 10.7m in 2018) Golden Delicious is at 4.3m bushels (2.3m in 2019, 3.8m in 2018) Granny Smith is at 8m bushels (6m in 2019, 10.1m in 2018) Honeycrisp is at 4.5m bushels (3.8m in 2019, 3.3m in 2018) Pink Lady/Cripps Pink is at 2.9m bushels (2.9m in 2019, 3.3m in 2018) Red Delicious is at 13.6m bushels (15m in 2019, 15.6m in 2018)

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U.S. Fresh Apples Remaining to be Shipped are Up 14%

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A significant 14 percent more U.S. fresh apples remain in storages to be shipped this year, which is 7 percent greater than the five-year average.

In its fifth storage report of the 2019-20 season, the U.S. Apple Association reports fresh inventories on March 1 are 74.4 million cartons, 14 percent up from 65.1 million cartons last year and 2.3 percent higher than the 72.7 million cartons on hand two years ago.
In comparison with year-ago levels, U.S. Apple reported March 1 inventories of:

  • Fuji: 9.77 million cartons, up 21 percent;
  • Gala: 15,80 million cartons, up 23 percent;
  • Granny smith: 9.6 million cartons, up 29 percent;
  • Honeycrisp: 6.48 million cartons, up 28 percent;
  • Cripps pink/Pink Lady: 3.75 million cartons, up 4 percent;
  • Red delicious: 16.39 million cartons, down 12 percent.

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15% More Apples Remain in U.S. Storages this Season; Plus Washington Update

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There are 15 percent more fresh apples remaining to be shipped from U.S. storages than a year. This is according to the first storage report of the year from the U.S. Apple Association.

Apples in storage as of November 1st totaled 132.1 million cartons, up 15 percent from a year ago.

Meanwhile, apple for processing stood at 47.1 million cartons, up 23 percent greater than last season.  Total apples in storage totaled 179.2 million bushels, 17 percent more than last November’s total of 153.4 million cartons and 5 percent more than the 5-year average for that date.

The latest estimate for the Washington apples is 138.2 million fresh packed boxes, up slightly from the August forecast.

At 138.2 million boxes, the November estimate is up less than 1 pecent from the August forecast and 18 percent higher than  the 116.7 million carton crop of 2018.

The top 6 Washington fresh apple varieties this year, compared with a year ago, are:

  • Gala: 23.5 percent , down from 23.6 percent a year ago:
  • Red delicious: 19.7 percent, down from 24.2 percent last year;
  • Fuji: 13.1 percent, compared with 13percent last year;
  • Granny smith: 12.8 percent, up from 11.6 percent last year;
  • Honeycrisp: 12.5 percent, up from 10.4 percent a year ago; and
  • Golden delicious: 5.5 percent, up from 3.9 percent last year.

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