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USDA is Predicting 2019-20 Season Apple Shipments to be up 4 Percent

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A 4 percent increase in U.S. apple shipments is forecast by the USDA for the upcoming 2019-20 season.

The 2019 crop — fresh and processing crops — is forecast at 10.6 billion pounds, or 252.4 million (42-pound) cartons. An increase of 4 percent from a year ago.

“Washington growers reported favorable summer growing weather, contributing to a crop with excellent quality and finish,” the USDA reported in its forecast.

New York growers also reported good growing conditions. In Michigan, a wet spring hampered pollination. Below normal fruit counts in Michigan were partially offset by good fruit sizing, according to the report.

The USDA forecast for the major apple shipping states are:

  • California: 300 million pounds, up 20 percent from 250 million pounds last year;
  • Michigan: 1.05 billion pounds, unchanged from a year ago;
  • New York: 1.25 billion pounds, down 10 percent from 1.4 billion pounds last year;
  • Pennsylvania: 500 million pounds, up 2 percent from 488 million pounds in 2018;
  • Virginia: 185 million pounds, down 9 percent from 204 million pounds a year ago; and 
  • Washington: 7.2 billion pounds, up 7 percent from 6.7 billion pounds in 2018.

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