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CMI Orchards Expecting Strong Start to Northwest Cherry Season

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Wenatchee, WA.- CMI Orchards anticipates growth in the 2021 cherry crop.

Excellent weather conditions, including an absence of significant frost events, have contributed to outstanding quality, great sizing, and 17% growth of this year’s crop as compared to 2020. “We are seeing consistent spread throughout our growing districts, with Skeena and Sweetheart cherries showing exceptional size and quality,” explained Joel Hewitt, Domestic Sales Organic Manager for the company.

“The timing of this year’s crop started off a bit later than last year but is lining up nicely with market demand with limited overlap with the California crop. We expect harvest to continue throughout the remainder of June and July,” explained Export Manager Scott Agnew.

CMI Orchards is the leader in Northwest cherries, bringing a number of specialty varieties and innovative programs to retail partners. Vice President of Marketing, George Harter, describes CMI’s selling tools as second to none. “The Northwest cherry season is short and sweet, and our goal is to deliver the best sales opportunities for our customers creating a win-win situation,” he said. “We’re expecting to peak just in time for Independence Day celebrations, and our American Dream program is a great tool for retailers to stir up excitement in store with eye-catching, patriotic displays and packaging.”

About CMI Orchards

CMI Orchards is one of the largest growers, packers, and shippers of premium Washington State apples, pears, and cherries. 

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Northwest Cherry Shipments are Starting Soon from Washington

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As California cherry shipments wind down loadings will soon move to the Northwest led by Washington state. Initial movement starts in May, with peak shipments occurring during June before the season winds down in August.

The Northwest Cherry Growers have issued an initial forecast of 20.5 million, 15-pound boxes. No record shipments are being predicted this season, but there should be good volume, with larger sized fruit.

A strong start to cherry shipments is expected in the last few days of May, and due to growing conditions, one of the largest spreads between early and late districts is predicted. In other words, a little longer shipping season this year.

One of the earliest areas for the first Washington cherry shipments are Mattawa (Washington), about 60 miles northeast of Yakima. Another early producing area is LeGrow, found in the Tri-Cities grown region. A third early producing are is along the Columbia River at Hermiston, OR. One of the latest producing areas is at Wenatchee, WA.

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Mission Produce to Distribute Columbian Avocados; Washington Cherries are on Record Pace

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DSCN9664Mission Produce continues it’s expansion with an agreement to distribute Columbian avocados, while Washington cherry shipments continue on its record setting marathon.

Mission Produce of Oxnard has entered into an agreement market and distribute for Colombian avocado grower-packer Cartama.

 “Colombia produces avocados on a year-round basis, and is a natural complement for our destination markets around the world,” Jim Donovan, senior vice president of global sourcing for Mission Produce, said in a press release. “Our agreement with Cartama to market and distribute Colombian avocados gives us an additional source of supply as the category continues to grow globally.”
Cartama is the largest producer of hass avocados in Colombia, and has been growing and distributing avocados for over 16 years.  It will have nearly 2,500 acres of hass in production by the end of 2017.
“We are very enthusiastic about the venture with Mission,” Ricardo Uribe, CEO of Cartama, said in the release. “Cartama is a world-class producer of hass avocados and working with Mission gives us access to world markets and the ability to accelerate our aggressive growth plans.”
Steve Barnard, president and CEO of Mission Produce, said Colombia is the eighth country where Mission has invested capital and infrastructure.
“We are continuing to grow our global footprint and planning for the future,” Barnard said in the release.
Just this year, Mission Produce has opened ripening centers in Beijing, Calgary, Alberta, and The Netherlands.
Record Cherry Shipments

Washington cherry shipments are expected to be the largest one on record this season with an estimated 26 million-27 million 20-pound boxes being shipped, mostly by truck.

The record, set in 2014, was 23.2 million boxes.  The Washington cherry industry has averaged 530,000 boxes per day for the previous 30 days.  Previously, Washington had not come close to averaging even 500,000 boxes a day for that length of time.

This season the industry has already shipped 21 million boxes, and nearly a quarter of the crop remains to be shipped.  While a couple of grower-shippers have finished shipping cherries,  numerous others have several weeks remaining.

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Shipping Updates: San Joaquin Valley Grapes; Plus Cherries from Montana and Washington

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IMG_5948+1Here’s a triple threat for hauling opportunities out of the Western U.S.  July means shipments of Montana cherries and San Joaquin Valley grapes, while Washington cherries are rapidly building in volume.

Although Central San Joaquin Valley grape shipments, similar to other California crops, will be a little later starting this season than last, grape haulers probably won’t notice the difference.

California grape shipments are initially estimated to total 112.1 million, 19-pound box equivalents.  Last year’s volume was 109 million boxes.  An official estimate is due in late July.

Many shippers will get underway with light volume loadings the first week of July in the Central San Joaquin Valley.  Meanwhile, some Coachella Valley shippers will still will be shipping fruit  into July, while others have finished the season during the last half of June.

Additionally, Mexican spring grape shipments are just wrapping up.

Montana Cherry Shipments

Glacier Fresh, cherry grower in the Flathead Lake region of western Montana was founded in 2001 and has traditionally grown high-quality fruit for the export market.  However, this season it will also be providing fruit for markets in the U.S. by working with Giumarra Cos, based in Los Angeles.

Glacier Fresh cherry shipments will get underway in late July with Rainiers and dark red varieties.  The Montana fruit operation works with Montana growers to pack and ship more than 1 million pounds of fruit, accounting for over 25 percent of the state’s annual cherry shipments.


by FirstFruits Marketing of Washington

YAKIMA, Wash. – FirstFruits Marketing of Yakima, WA announces that the 2017 Washington cherry shipments are well under way with exceptional quality and great color available now.

FirstFruits is currently shipping dark sweet cherries and Rainier cherries were in limited quantities starting June 16, with full volume by June 22.  Both dark sweet and Rainier cherries are available in conventional and organic varieties.

“The cherry crop looks excellent this season in terms of quality,” said Chuck Zeutenhorst, general manager of FirstFruits. “The color is just outstanding and we’re looking forward to working with our retail partners to present their customers with a great cherry program this season.”

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Western States Cherry Shipments; Eastern Shore is Moving Vegetables

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DSCN9486Some Western cherry shipments are finished, but the Northwest cherry crop is coming on….Meanwhile, the Eastern Shore of  Maryland, Virginia and Delaware is underway with vegetables.

California cherry shipments are ending up at nearly 9 million, 18-pound boxes, which would exceed the 8.7 million-box-record loadings in 2008.  It may very well be California’s best and largest sweet cherry season ever as Washington state’s harvest gets underway.  Hollister, CA finished about a week ago.

Last year California finished with 5.1 million boxes after losing about 3 million boxes to rain.

California’s cherry industry has had many disappointments in recent years due to rain or heat.  Inadequate winter chill led to poor fruit set in 2014 and a crop of just 2.7 million boxes.  And 2005 and 2006 were at 3 million boxes or less.

California shipments averaged 250,000 boxes per day between May 5 and June 4, with a peak of 377,000 boxes on May 23.

About 70 percent of California’s crop was shipped to all regions of the U.S. and 9.4 percent to Canada, 9 percent to South Korea and the balance to Japan, China, Hong Kong and a few others.

Pacific Northwest Cherry Shipments

Pacific Northwest cherry shipments are forecast at 22.7 million boxes with Washington cherry shipments accounting 81 percent of  it.   The Northwest counts by 22-pound boxes and California by 18-pound boxes.

The Washington harvest began with the Chelan variety at Doebler Orchard near Mattawa on June 6.

It was a limited run for the first cherries, but packing cranked up about June 15 as more orchards started picking.

Yakima Valley apple and pear shipments – grossing about $4500 to Dallas.

Eastern Shore Vegetable Shipments

All packing sheds on the Eastern Shore were running as of yesterday.

Fresh potato shipments are particularly good for Canada this season with reds, russets and yellows being shipped from areas of the Eastern Shore.  However, the majority of potatoes are shipped throughout the Northeast when those areas are not producing.

The largest russet grower on the Eastern Shore is Yaros Farms in Lower Northampton County.  Dublin Farms in Horntown is one of Virginia’s biggest potato  operations.  It ships 12 to 15 loads daily from late June through mid-August.

When the southern states stop shipping, loadings are redirected there. Depending on the volume from Canadian potatoes from year to year, the Eastern Shore also distributes into in Canada.

There typically is between 3,000 and 4,000 acres of potatoes grown on the Eastern Shore.

C&E Farms in Cheriton, VA, is one of the largest green bean operations in the nation.  C&E Farms also ships green beans from North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Florida. The company has packing facilities in Cheriton and in Parrish, FL.

Virginia’s three major tomato operations, Lipman Family Farms, Pacific Tomato Growers and Del Monte, will be shipping about equal volumes of round, roma, grape, cherry and heirloom tomatoes from late June through September.

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Shipping Outlook for Cherries, Blueberries, Corn

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DSCN7672Here’s a glimpse of cherry shipments from around the U.S., as well as blueberry loadings from the Northwest.  There also is a final outlook at late season sweet corn shipments from Georgia, and some states that will follow.

Cherry Shipments

U.S. sweet cherry production is projected to be down 6 percent this year.

About 318,000 tons are likely to ship in 2016, down from 338,000 tons in 2015, according to the June 22 Cherry Production report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Production is down this year in both industry leader Washington and in California, which produces the second most sweet cherries, according to the report.  Washington cherry shipments are now hitting a peak, while California cherry shipments are virtually finished for the year.

Washington production is expected to fall from 210,000 tons to 195,000 tons.  Shipments from California, which was hit hard by spring rains, decreased from 68,000 to 60,000 tons.

Production in industry No. 3 Oregon is expected to increase from 41,000 to 42,000 tons. Michigan production also should be up, from 15,900 to 21,000 tons.

Washington cherries – grossing about $5500 to Atlanta.

Blueberry Shipments

Oregon’s 350 growers grow and ship blueberries from 11,000 acres.

Looking at 2016 production, the Beaver State is expecting to break 100 million pounds for the first time.

Washington’s 275 growers in the Evergreen State farm blueberries on 15,000 acres.  The Washington blues harvest ramped up on May 30 in eastern Washington, and production started from Skagit around June 20 with shipments picking up in Whatcom a few days later.

The state’s producers are looking at production of 118 million pounds of blueberries, up from 103 million a year ago.


Sweet Corn Shipments

This is the last week of peak shipments of sweet corn out of Georgia.  However, declining volume will be available until mid July.

Corn loadings then switch to Delaware in mid-July, in Ohio about July 20th and in New York about July 25th .  Once Georgia finishes shipping, most of these other area are typically shipped regionally.

Southern Georgia corn, blueberries and vegetables – grossing about $3200 to Boston.





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Western Shipping: from WA Cherries to CA Spuds

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DSCN7466Decent loading opportunities for Yakima and Wenatchee Valley cherries are upon us.  Meanwhile, California spud loadings are now available from Kern County.

Washington cherry shipments are now forecast to be up 7.5 percent from last year’s 19.3 million boxes.   Strong volume of early varieties led by the Rainier  is expected to be similar in volume to last year — 1.7 million 15-pound boxes.

Initial loadings got underway around  May 23-25.   About 200,000 boxes of cherries were expected to be shipped by the end of May.

The weeks mid-June through mid-July should produce the largest shipments.   Producers are also talking about a compression of The 2016 Washington cherry season is expected to be somewhat “compressed” because different cherry varieties in different locations are seen maturitying at the same time.

To be more specific, Bing cherries will be getting underway on or about June 1st.  Volumes in the Bing variety are light this season due to pollination problems. Peak shipments of Bings are expected from June 5th until June 20th.

Rainier cherries will being increasing in early June and peak loadings should occur between June 13 and June 25.  Final shipments will take place in early July.

Kern County Potato Shipments

After a 20-year decline in russet potato shipments from Kern County, California, there’s zero acres this year.  The area simply couldn’t compete with places like Idaho and Washington state.  However, over the years Kern County has replaced russets with red, gold and white potatoes.

This season, the golds are up about 20 percent with an additional 300 acres, now totaling over 1,800-acres.  Reds still lead the way with over 2,000 acres, followed by the white rose potato at about 1,100 acres. There’s also much fewer shipments of specialty potatoes, such as fingerlings.

Kern County is a major shipper of carrots and is currently averaging around 375 truck loads per week.

Kern County potatoes and carrots – grossing about $3600 to Dallas.

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A National Spring Produce Shipping Update

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DSCN7313Here’s a look at spring produce shipments from across the United States.

Northwest Cherry growers released their second crop estimate of the season on Friday 13.  In May —  19.8 million 20-pound boxes were forecast, and this should not have been affected by rains which hit Washington nearly a week ago.

Washington cherry shipments are still expected to occur ahead of normal schedule.  Initial cherry shipments are expected about May 20 – 23 for the earliest varieties.   Approximately 600,000 boxes of cherries are expected to be shipped by the end of May.  In total, shipments are forecast to be in the 18.5 to 20.5 million box range, a slight increase from a year ago.
Blueberry Shipments
The eastern U.S. is currently providing the vast majority of blueberry shipments, with loadings taking place out of northern Florida, southern Georgia and North Carolina.  Florida “blues” should quickly wind down next week….In Georgia, expected a shipping gap of just a few days as the season shifts from the highbush to the Rabbit Eye variety.  Fair to good volume is continuing from Eastern North Carolina.  Mexican blueberry shipments are light and erratic.
Georgia blueberries, sweet onions, and mixed vegetables – grossing about $2400 to New York City.
Cantaloupe Shipments
Melon loadings led by cantaloupe and honeydew are coming out the desert regions of California and Arizona.   California produce shipments are coming out of the Imperial Valley and the nearby Palo Verde Valley.  Just to the east, Arizona loadings are taking place from the Yuma area, as well as in the central part of the state closer to Phoenix.
Nogales Produce Shipments
Imported Mexican produce, led by watermelons and table grapes are crossing the border at Nogales, AZ.  Most other imported Mexican produce commodities that crossed here are not available now.  Watermelon crossing are averaging about 2700 truck loads per week.  Table grape volume is around 750 truck loads weekly.
Mexican produce through Nogales – grossing about $3400 to Chicago.
Idaho Potato Shipments
Although we are entering the latter months of the 2015-16 shipping season, there are still over 1600 truck load equivalents be shipped each week.
Idaho potato shipments – grossing about $5100 to New York City.

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Cherry Shipping Outlook is Good for California, Washington, and British Columbia

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DSCN7172California cherry shipments are just around the corner and will be followed within weeks by loadings out of the Pacific Northwest.

Shipments of California cherries should start around April 22nd from the Stockton area, with volume ramping up by end of April.  Heaviest volume is expected during the first three weeks of May.

Usually, California’s peak shipments occur leading up to Memorial Day (May 30th), but this year with an earlier maturing crop, good volume is expected leading up to Mother’s Day (May 8th).  This means there probably will be more cherries shipped from California this year in April than ever before, thanks in part to a couple of new early maturing cherry varieties.

Huron district head lettuce in the Central San Joaquin Valley – grossing about $4600 to Atlanta.

Washington cherry shipments are expected to be a week later than last year, around the week of  June 6th.  This will result in a relatively small shipping the gap between California and Washington.  The gap will help both California and Washington, once they start their season.  British Columbia cherry shipments are also expected to start a week later than usual, around June 20th.

Due to extra plantings coming into production this year in both Washington and Canada, initial expectations were around 30 million boxes, but this amount is expected to be lower in the wake of a recent frost. Even still, a 30% increase in tonnage is expected for Canada this year.

Washington’s Yakima Valley apples and pears – grossing about $5300 to New York City.





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Northwest Shipping Update: Cherries, Apples and Potatoes

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CherriesEarly season Washington cherry shipments have gotten off to a less than a stellar start, thanks to adverse weather, plus a shipping update on other Northwest produce shipments.

What should have been big time volumes of chelans early in the season, instead has been only a trickle.  Rainiers also have suffered some wind and rain damage.

Volumes were down about 65 percent the week of June 1st.  Loadings also were expected to be off 50 percent the week of June 8th.

This week, the initial harvesting of bings should start from growing areas not hit as hard by the rains.  However, cherry shipments will continue to struggle through June.  In July, late season volumes should be much better.

Blueberry Shipments

Blueberry shipments are just getting underway from British Columbia through Northwest Washington state.  Blues also are just getting started from Oregon and Washington.  Volume currently is very light.

Potato Shipments

Potato shipments in the latter part of the season continue from Washington’s Columbia Basin and Oregon’s Umatilla Basin.  About 450 truck loads of potatoes are being shipped weekly.  The region’s onion season has pretty much wrapped up.

Washington/Oregon potatoes – grossing about $6000 to Atlanta.

Apple Shipments

Washington apple shipments and pear shipments are experiencing steady loadings from week to week.

Yakima and Wenatchee Valley apples and pears – grossing about $6900 to New York City.


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