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Onions 52 Kicks off Fall Onion Shipping Season in Northwest

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The fall onion season in Washington state and Utah has kicked off for Onions 52, based in Syracuse, Utah. With demand for new crop onions exceedingly high, it has been a busy start to the season.

Harvest is in full swing in Washington state, and the company began storing onions in early September for its robust storage season. Storage onions have a significantly lower water content than summer onions, making them easier to store in climate-controlled sheds from early fall until the following spring. It is not unlikely for September-harvested onions to ship to stores late into May and even early June, according to Onions 52 Director of Marketing, Falon Brawley.

“Onions 52 is a one-stop onion shop, with a plethora of options for retail packs, private labeling, foodservice offerings, and everything in between for all color onions,” reports Shawn Hartley, Owner/VP of Sales at Onions 52. Hartley continues, “We are encouraged with the crop in the Northwest, including Idaho/Eastern Oregon. It has been a crazy start to the growing season in all areas.”

Partner sheds in Eastern Oregon started harvesting in late August and early September, Tiffany Cruickshank reported from the newly established Vale, Oregon office. Cruickshank states, “The crop looks variable due to a dry, cold, and windy spring coupled with multiple heat waves during the growing season. Some fields have certainly fared better than others. We are hopeful the growing conditions will allow the onions to put on a bit more size before harvest takes off.”

The Onions 52 farms will supply customers across the country with top-quality red, yellow, white, sweet, USDA-certified organic onions, and tearless Sunions®, from late August through early June.


Onions 52, Inc. was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Syracuse, UT. They are a leading year-round grower-shipper of yellow, red, white, and sweet onions.

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Oregon, Washington Rank 1 & 2 in Storage Onion Shipments

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IMG_6899Gearing up for the new season of storage onions out of the Northwest, here is some information as produce haulers you might find interesting, if not helpful.

Oregon and Washington state, rank number one and number two respectively when it comes to shipments of onions out of storage.

In July 2012 the  Oregon Department of Agriculture issued some facts and figures.  In the 2011 season Oregon onions ranked 11th in the state’s top 40 commodities list at a value of approximately $92 million.

Oregon was ranked first nationally for storage onion production, accounting for 27 percent of total USA supplies.

The Pacific Northwest provides the nation with strong volumes of storage and non-storage onions.  Oregon ranked first and Washington ranked second nationally for onion production during 2011.  A total of 174.5 million hundredweight of storage onions were produced in 2011.

Onions grown in Malheur County are part of the Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion growing region and represent significant volume for the state. According to the 2012 Agripedia, published by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Malheur County accounted for 56 percent of Oregon’s total production.

The Pride of Washington State was released this past October. Washington ranked number two nationally for its production of all summer onions in 2011, accounting for 21.2 percent of national supplies. The commodity ranked number 16 among the state’s top 40 commodities during 2011, with an approximate value of production of $121.6 million.


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