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Stemilt is Now Shipping New Season Pears from Washington State

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By Stemilt Growers

The dog days of summer are fading in the distance, and that signals the start of Stemilt’s new pear crop and the arrival of summer varieties.

The company is in full harvest mode on its Rushing Rivers® conventional and organic Bartlett and Starkrimson pears and packing fruit fresh to order now to spur the back-to-school rush and first promotions of the season at retail.

Stemilt’s summer and winter pear varieties are grown in the Wenatchee and Entiat River Valleys, where growing conditions are perfect for pears. Great airflow, a mountain climate that protects pears, and volcanic soils all combine to make these locales a pear farmer’s dream come true.

According to Stemilt marketing director Brianna Shales, early indicators point to a high-quality pear crop with a range of sizes for promotion and World Famous flavors.

“It’s hard to believe we are already at that intersection between the summer and fall seasons for produce, but that’s what the start of pear harvest always signals for me,” said Shales. “Starkrimson and Bartlett pears are the first to come off the tree for Stemilt and are ready to promote at retail during the transition to fall sets and fall flavors.”

Starkrimson is trending towards normal fruit size and opportunities to promote bulk and bags at retail. Stemilt has two pouch bag offerings for this bright red fruit, including the always-popular back-to-school pack Lil Snappers®. The 3lb. pouch bag of kid-size fruit is a great feature alongside first of the season bulk ads that feature red and green pears. Stemilt also has a larger 5lb. pouch bag pack in the Rushing Rivers® pear brand for its summer varieties.

“Starkrimson is a fantastic eating red pear and available for the early part of the pear season,” said Shales. “This year’s fruit is super juicy with high sugars and true dessert eating quality.”

Bartlett is the category leader at the front half of the pear season, and Stemilt is actively harvesting and packing both conventional and organic fruits now.

“Organic pears are a challenge to grow, but we’re a believer and long-time leader in them,” said Shales. “This year, we have increased volume on organic Bartlett as new acreage has come into organic production. Starting the season off with an organic Bartlett feature is a great way to build organic and pear sales.”
On the conventional Bartlett side, Stemilt will have a similar size crop as last year and is harvesting fruit to help with season extension into February. Stemilt will have good supplies of bulk and bag sizes, but fewer jumbo-sized Bartletts this year.

In September, Stemilt started harvesting winter pear varieties, including Bosc and Concorde. D’Anjou pears harvest next and start shipping in October following a cold treatment and ripening process that ensures ready-to-eat fruit.

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Washington Apple, Pear Shipments Should Be Good This Season

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HPwhiteHwyTk+1+1There should be excellent hauling opportunities for apples and pears from Washington this season.

Similar to most crops along the West Coast this year, Washington apple shipments got underway unusually early with the Gingergold variety in late July.  It may have been the first time fruit was picked before August.

As the season is off and running it appears there will be record shipments this year, mostly by truck.   Washington apple shipments are expected to be around 140 million cartons, which would easily surpass the previous record of just under 130 million cartons during the 2012-13 season.

Washington Pear Shipments

The green colored Bartlett pears started being shipped from Washington state in early August.  As the Bartletts lead off pear loadings, other varieties are nearing being shipped  as well.

Red Anjous and Starkrimson are getting underway this week.  Soon to follow will be the Bosc, Forelle, Comice, Seckel, Asian and Red Sensation pears.  Shipments of Bartletts, Starkrimsons and Red Sensations will continue through December.  Seckels, Comice and Asian pears ship during the winter months, and Red and Green Anjous typically ship from late summer or early fall into the next summer.

Washington apples, pears and cherries – grossing about $4300 to Chicago.



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