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Mexican Produce Ramping for Shipments through Nogales

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DSCN3905Nogales produce shipments have been light and inconsistent for the past couple of months, which is pretty typical this time of year.  However, volume should show significant increases once we are past Christmas and heading into the New Year.

Everything from Mexican grown peppers to cucumbers, squash, eggpland, beans, tomatoes and melons should be crossing the border into Arizona in good volume.

A lot of people are keeping a close eye on the volume coming through Nogales to see if the port is losing business to the port of entry in McAllen, Tx, which is now receiving vegetables from West Mexico, with the completion of the 143-mile Autopista Durango-Mazatlan  highway.  West Mexican vegetables have historically moved through Nogales to destinations across the United States and Canada. With the new highway opening, it cuts a days travel time off of loads destined to points east of the Rocky Mountains.

While some Nogales distributors see the area losing business to Mexico, most say this is not the case.  Between September 2013 and April 2014 movement across the Arizona border had increased 17 percent.  Another advantage some are citing with Nogles over McAllen is the Arizona distribution facilities are fairly close together, while more spread out in Texas.  This is a disadvantage for truckers picking up product at multiple distribution centers in McAllen.

Finally, some products in central Mexican – especially toprical fruits and avocados – that used to go through McAllen, are now being hauled westbound over the new Mexican highway and crossing the border at Nogales, for destinations in the Western half of the United States and Canada.

Mexican produce crossing at Nogales – grossing about $4100 to Chicago.


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