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Ohio Vegetable Loadings are Moving into Good Volume

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152_5260Ohio has more than the Bengals, Browns and Buckeyes.  This time of year it becomes an important player in shipping vegetables.

Ohio Vegetable Shipments

The state got underway with radishes mid-May, and dill, cilantro and turnip and mustard greens by the end of the month.  Following shortly after that were beets, lettuces, parsley, sweet corn, green onions and celery.

Ohio radish shipments continue from mid-May to mid-November, with other commodities starting in June and winding down in October.

Then you have sweet corn, celery and peppers, which should get underway in mid- to late July and last until the first frost.

Ohio experienced its hottest May since 1988 — which was a drought year.  Some daytime highs were in the 90s, although the 80s were more typical.  The heat helped bring the vegetable crops on earlier and grow faster.

Here are a few of the major shippers of Ohio vegetables:

Bettinger Farms Inc., Swanton, OH

Wiers Farm Inc. and Dutch Maid Produce, Willard, OH.

Holthouse Farms, Willard, OH.

Buurma Farms, Willard, OH



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