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Shipping Trends from the Red River Valley, Ohio and Wisconsin

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DSCN0821Here’s a preview of Red River Valley potato plantings for product that will start shipping in late summer….Also, Mastrondardi Produce has opened another greenhouse operation….In Wisconsin, shipper is now distributing Badger State grown celery in the mid-west.

The USDA recently reports slightly fewer potatoes planted in North Dakota this as acres declined from 75,000 in 2017 to 74,000 acres this year.  The report shows more russets and fewer red potatoes were planted in North Dakota.  In 2017 reds accounted for 27 percent of the potato acres, in 2018 that fell to 18 percent.  Meanwhile russet acres jumped from 37 to 44 percent. White and yellow potato acres remained relatively steady at 36 and 2 percent respectively.

In Minnesota, the USDA reported 46,000 acres of potatoes planted, 2,000 fewer than last year.  Unlike North Dakota, there was little change in the potato type percentages.  Russets made up 69percent of the Minnesota potato crop, the same as last year. Next were reds at 19 percent (down 1 percent), whites steady at 10 percent and yellows moving from 1 to 2 percent.

Ohio Greenhouse

Mastronardi Produce is opening a sixth greenhouse in the U.S., with a 20-acre facility in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

The farm, known as The Ohio Greenhouse Company, will operate year-round, growing Sunset-brand products for shipment to  retailers in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Mastronardi Produce grows on more than 4,000 acres. The new Ohio farm gives the company the ability to triple the acreage there.

Wisconsin Shipping Celery

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Markesan, Wisconsin — Alsum Farms & Produce grower partner, Trembling Prairie Farms Inc. started harvesting  Wisconsin celery July 16th with the season expected to go through the first week of October.  Fields are located in the muck soils of Green Lake County.

In 2012, Trembling Prairie Farms started with 3 acres of celery and today has expanded to over 45 acres. The farm starts with a Midwestern selected celery variety that grows extremely well in the Wisconsin climate.

The process of growing celery starts in local greenhouses in late February to early April and is then transplanted in 12 different plantings. Celery planting in the muck soil begins on May 1 with the goal of the last planting to be in the ground by July 1.


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