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Colorado Potato Shipments Underway for New Season

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IMG_5511+1New season Colorado potato shipments are underway, but still light in volume, while increasing.

About 250 truck loads were shipping last week.

While we don’t a forecast yet for the 2015-16 shipping season it appears there won’t be any drastic changes in total truck shipments from this past year.

The San Luis Valley planted 52,900 acres of potatoes  for the 2014-15 shipping season.  With the end of July the region had shipped nearly 14 million cwt of fresh market spuds.

There were 2,561 truck loads shipped during  July, compared to 2,291 in July 2014 and 1,839 in 2013.  Shipments to date for the 2014-15 seaspm were 30,325 truck loads, compared to 29,344 in 2014 and 31,988 in 2013.

Organic potato acreage continues to increase, and now exceeds 4,000 acres.

Shipments of yellow potatoes also is increasing.   It now accounts for 8 to 10 percent of the volume each year nationally.  Russet Norkotahs continue to lead the pack in overall potato acreage in the San Luis Valley.   Red potato shipments are a much smaller percentage.

Fingerlings and specialty potato shipments  also are increasing from the San Luis Valley.

San Luis Valley potato shipments – grossing about $3300 to Cleveland.

Woerner Purchases Cañon Potato

Cañon Potato Co. has been acquired by Woerner Holdings Inc. and Woerner subsidiary H.C. Schmieding Produce Co. will market and distribute potatoes from Cañon’s Center, Colo., facility.

In the deal, Woerner takes on the packing and storage facility of Cañon Potato, which announced its closure in 2013.  That’s when the co-owner and a sales veteran left to join a competing Colorado shipper.

Springdale, Ark.-based potato shipper H.C. Schmieding Produce was sold to West Palm Beach, Fla.-based Woerner in April.

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