Strong Melon Shipments are Expected During July and Beyond

Strong Melon Shipments are Expected During July and Beyond

The Organic Produce Network reports that warm weather and a smooth transition from spring to summer in production areas have resulted in a good supply of several organic melon varieties.

Creekside Organics Inc. of Bakersfield, CA reports strong demand for watermelons, including both organic mini watermelons (also called personal watermelons) and large-sized fruit, typically referred to as bin melons, are being shipped. There are also good supplies of organic honeydew and cantaloupes.

Creekside notes there are still organic melon supplies coming from Mexico, and the company is also sourcing significant volumes from farming operations in Holtville in California’s Imperial Valley.

The company moves up the Joaquin Valley as the summer continues, with both the Bakersfield area in Southern San Joaquin Valley and Firebaugh on the west side of the valley producing various melon varieties.

The grower/shipper reports good supplies of cantaloupes, honeydew, and mini watermelons through September. 

Pacific Trellis Fruit of Los Angeles states the company expects to have a good supply of organic mini and bin watermelons throughout the summer.

The company has finished up production in Hermosillo, Mexico, and is winding down Yuma, AZ. In July the operation will transition to California, providing good supplies of minis through the summer.