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California Giant Expects Strong Pacific Northwest Blueberry Shipments

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California Giant Berry Farms of Watsonville, CA forecasts good volume shipments of high-quality conventional and organic blueberries from its Pacific Northwest growing region in the coming months.

The Pacific Northwest blueberry season has officially begun, with strong conventional harvests out of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia with all regions reporting excellent flavor and size.

Likewise, organic harvests are underway and ramping up stateside — with premium fruit being reported. Peak volumes of conventional and organic fruit will be available throughout the month of July, with an abundance of blueberries available through early-September.

“We’re excited to share our abundance of conventional and organic blueberries from the Pacific Northwest,” said Markus Duran, Director of Bushberry at California Giant Berry Farms. “We had strong pollination from the start, and barring any major weather events, we look forward to a steady supply of nutritious berries to meet the ever-growing demand from our consumers.”

California Giant continues to drive increases in blueberry consumption through consumer marketing to drive purchase intent for fresh blueberries and share the smiles and health benefits that they deliver.

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A Produce Shipping Smorgasbord – Part II

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DSCN7617A week ago you were presented a smorgasbord of produce hauling opportunities from around the county.  Well, here’s Part II ranging from Mexican crossings into the Lower Rio Grand Valley of Texas to Northwest blueberry loadings, Wisconsin potatoes – and more.

South Texas Produce Shipments

Mexican produce shipments crossing the border into Pharr, Tx cover a lot of items ranging from citrus to tropical fruit and vegetables.  However, no one item has real heavy volume at this time.  Among the heaviest volume commodities are: avocados hitting about 675 truck loads per week, but volume is increasing; mangos with about 500 truck loads a week and limes at about 450 trucks load each week.

Around 550 truck loads of vine ripe, as well roma tomatoes are crossing the border weekly.

There’s also many other products coming into South Texas, but in much lighter volume ranging from lemons to papayas, broccoli, carrots and cucumbers.

Mexican produce crossing into South Texas – grossing about $2400 to Chicago.

Wisconsin Potato Shipments

Loadings of the old 2015-16 russet potato crop had in a fast seasonal decline.  Meanwhile, the central part of the state has just started shipping a few of the 2016-17 potato crop, but we’re another month of so away of good volume.

Northwest Blueberry Shipments

Blueberry shipments are increasing from both Oregon and Washington state, as well as from British Columbia.

Washington Apple Shipments

The consistent item in the Northwest is typically apples, especially since Washington easily lead the nation in apple shipments.  Even though it is very late in 2015-16 shipping season, Washington is still average over 650 truckloads each week.

Yakima Valley apples – grossing about $4600 to Dallas.

Watermelon Shipments

A week ago we cover Midwest watermelon hauling opportunities, here are some more.

California’s central San Joaquin Valley is moving around 350 truck loads per week.  On the east coast, North Carolina may be your best bet loading around 230 trucks loads of watermelons a week.

Both eastern Texas and western Oklahoma combing to ship nearly 500 trucks of watermelons per week.



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