British Columbia is Ready to Begin Apple Shipments

British Columbia is Ready to Begin Apple Shipments

DSCN0516By BC Tree Fruits

The  Okanagan orchards are buzzing with preparations with this year’s BC Tree Fruits apple harvest. Apple shipments  start this month and will be running to the end of February 2014.  Apple season is one of the busiest times of the year for the 500 grower fruit cooperative.

Apples are largest crop grown by BC Tree Fruits of Kelowna, BC with this season’s apple harvest estimated at 2.5 million cartons. From familiar favourites such as the McIntosh and Granny Smith to the newer and very popular Ambrosia, which was a chance seedling created in Oliver BC, a total of twelve apple varieties are harvested. “All our growers are excited for this year’s apple season,” shares Hank Markgraf, BCTF Field Services Manager and Orchardist. “Our orchards consistently produce the best quality apples in Canada, and having a wide variety keeps our fans searching for that familiar BC Leaf at the produce aisles.”

To highlight the work BC Tree Fruits’ growers put into apple season the focus this year is educating consumers on what goes into each apple. “Many people don’t fully realize the care and skill our orchardists put into each of the apples they produce,” says Chris Pollock, BCTF Marketing Manager. “We plan to share as much of the process as possible with consumers so they feel an even stronger connection when they ‘Look For The Leaf’ this season.”

Through traditional and social media, BC Tree Fruits will feature an insider look into their apple harvest. Their website currently offers a full description, including tasting notes, for each apple variety, as well as other seasonal fruit. Apple fans can keep up to date with full apple harvest and apples season details from September to February on the BC Tree Fruits Facebook and Twitter pages.

About BC Tree Fruits:

BC Tree Fruits Industries Limited is part of the BC Tree Fruits Cooperative and is owned by 520 local grower families. The organization markets and distributes a variety of BC-grown fruit including apples, pears, cherries, peaches, apricots, prune plums and blueberries. BC Tree Fruits’ head office is based in Kelowna, B.C.