California Produce Rates are Strong, But Not Exceptional

California Produce Rates are Strong, But Not Exceptional

IMG_7010California truck supplies have been seasonally tight this year, but there hasn’t been any critical shortages of refrigerated equipment for eastbound produce loads.   Often, the biggest demand for trucks comes towards the end of the week.

Many produce shipments out of the West have come a week or two later than normal due to a cold, wet growing season.  While record California table grape shipments are possible this year, most fruits and vegetables appear they have relatively normal volume, if not somewhat small production this year.

As a result freight rates on produce this spring and summer haven’t hit the height some thought would be possible.  Sure there have been some $9,000-plus coast-t0-coast east bound rates,  and even a few topping $10,000, but those seem to have moderated some in recent weeks.

This is not said folks are complaining about rates, for example that are common out of  Salinas and the San Joaquin being in lower to upper $8,000 range.

Vine ripe (pole) tomatoes as well as romas are being shipped in good volume from Southern California areas such as Oceanside.  Loadings will be available into the fall.

Mature green tomatoes are originating out of the San Joaquin Valley, with the best volume located in the Newman and Tracy areas.


Rates has been plummeting out of Nogales, AZ as border crossing of table grapes from Mexico are in a rapid seasonal decline.   There are still items such as melons, mangos and tomatoes available, but overall, Nogales should not be the place your are looking for loads this time of year.