A Post Thanksgiving Glimpse at Western Produce Shipments

A Post Thanksgiving Glimpse at Western Produce Shipments

DSCN2696Even though Thanksgiving is a couple of days away, most orders by receivers now involve restocking after the big turkey feast.

Desert Vegetable Shipments

Here’s an update on desert shipments from Yuma, AZ and California’s Imperial Valley.  Plus, here’s a glimpse at loading opportunities regarding Washington state apples and Idaho potatoes.

With San Joaquin Valley lettuce from the Huron district all but history, the head lettuce harvest has just started from Yuma, AZ, although shipments remain minimal.  Yuma  typically about starts about  a week  or two ahead of shipments from the Imperial Valley.  Lettuce from there won’t get underway until around December 9th.

However, cauliflower, as well as some leafy greens have just started from Brawley in the Imperial Valley, with broccoli following in early December.

Celery will continue to be shipped out of Ventura County through the end of the year, when loadings then shift to the Imperial Valley.

Desert veggies, plus cantaloupe – grossing about $5200 to Atlanta.

Washington Apple Shipments

Never mind Washington apple shipments are down this season, it is still a huge crop and plentiful loading opportunities remain for at least the next six months.  Yakima Valley apple shipments, as well as the Wenatchee Valley are shipping on average about 2,500 truck load equivalents of apples a week, and this doesn’t even include pear loadings.

Washington apples and pears – about $7000 to New York City.

Idaho Potato Shipments

Idaho also has fewer potato shipments this season, but there’s still plenty of tubers for hauling.  Idaho is averaging about 2,000 truck load equivalents per week of potatoes.

Idaho spuds – about $2900 to Chicago.