Some of Your Best Bets with Produce Hauls for Labor Day

Some of Your Best Bets with Produce Hauls for Labor Day

IMG_6513Labor Day (September 2nd)  produce shipments should see fair to good volume with watermelons, sweet corn, avocados and table grapes, among others.

Sweet corn loadings are originating from New York state, Delaware, Virginia, Michigan, Colorado and even from Canada.  Don’t expect any barn busting volume on corn.  Like many produce items this year, cool weather, rain and late planting have adversely affected volume, if not quality in some instances.

Watermelon Shipments

Watermelon shipments have followed a similar shipping path to corn.  Watermelon volume has been lower than normal since July.  For example, shipments have been off as much as 30 percent from Indiana, but has since improved some.

There also should be moderate shipments for Labor Day of watermelons from Missouri’s bootheal and parts of North Carolina.  West Texas has light watermelons shipments in July, but have rebound with better volume for Labor Day.

California Grapes

As about any time of the year, California will be providing the best loading opportunities since it accounts for about 50 percent of the nation’s produce shipments.  Salinas Valley vegetables are moving in moderate to good volume, plus the San Joaquin Valley has its seasonal mix of veggies, stone fruit, melons and grapes.

During the 2012 season, California harvested 100.1 million 19-pound box equivalents of table grapes.  The estimate for this season, if holds, will mean another year for record grape shipments, with 106.9 million boxes predicted.

Bootheal of Missouri watermelons – grossing about $1800 to Atlanta.

North Carolina watermelson – $3000 to New York City.