A National Outlook of Fall Produce Shipments from Several States

A National Outlook of Fall Produce Shipments from Several States

DSCN0728Here’s a round up of some produce items being shipped from Florida, Michigan, Washington state, central Wisconsin and West Texas.

Florida Produce Shipments

The Florida grapefruit harvest got underway from the Indian River District September 30th and light shipments are underway.  By mid October loadings should be in good volume.

Florida’s citrus season usually begins with fallglo tangerines in mid- to late September, followed by grapefruit and navel oranges.  Initial estimates on the navel orange crop indicate shipments this season will be similar to a year ago.

Michigan Produce Shipments

Michigan is shipping light to moderate volume of several fall produce items.  While sweet corn and several other vegetable items are ending their season, there are partial loads of items such as celery and carrots.  Volume is now increasing on what promises to be a record amount of apples this season.  There also is increasing volume with potatoes and onions.

Washington Produce Shipments

Washington state is shipping nearly 2,000 truckload equivalents of apples weekly with the new crop, primarily from the Yakima and Wenathee valleys.  There also are about 750 loads of storage onions coming out of Washington’s Columbia Basin and the adjacent Umatilla Basin of Oregon.

Washington apples – grossing about $4500 to Chicago.

Wisconsin Potato Shipments

The Badger state is moving over 500 truck loads of potatoes weekly, primarily from Central Wisconsin, as volume continues to increase.

West Texas Potatoes

The High-Plains region in west Texas, south of Lubbock, is shipping about 250 truck load of spuds a week.