Loadings in Texas, Idaho, Colorado, NY and South Florida

Loadings in Texas, Idaho, Colorado, NY and South Florida


Looking around the nation, here are some upcoming loading opportunities ranging from Texas, to Idaho, Colorado, New York and South Florida.

New York’s nearly 700 apple growers are expected to harvest approximately 32 million bushels of vintage apples by November – a new record.

After last year’s short crop, there will be lots to celebrate this fall.   A year ago, frost led to a crop of only 17.1 million bushels.

New York apple shipments of it top variety McIntosh is currently underway in the Eastern part of the state, and will soon be shipped from orchards statewide.   Apple varieties ranging from Zestar, to Gala,  and HoneyCrisp area and other varieties are being loaded from production areas across the state.

Hudson Valley New York apples – grossing about $2700 to Atlanta.

Texas Citrus Shipments

Rio Grande Valley  Texas citrus shipments should get underway with a pretty normal start in early to mid-October this season.

About 75 percent of the Lone Star state’s citrus shipments will be with grapefruit, and  25 percent with oranges.  Peak loadings typically occur between mid November and the first of the year.

Colorado Potato Shipments

Due to lack of water and poor markets there is a 10 percent reduction in acreage from last year in Colorado.  Planted acreage is about 50,000 acres this year.  Most shipments from the state originate in the San Luis Valley, although there is much smaller volume coming out of Northeastern Colorado.

San Luis Valley Potatoes – grossing about $1750 to Dallas.

Idaho Potato Shipments

While early season shipments of Idaho potatoes haven’t yielded any significant quality problems (just some small sized potatoes), the state had a lot hot weather during the growing season.  It’s just something to keep an eye out for when loading, in case quality problems start developing.

Idaho Potatoes – grossing about $3000 to Chicago.

South Florida Imports

South Florida ports are receiving papyas from Central American for distribution throughout the USA.  The heaviest arrivals occur between July and March from such countries as Belize and Guatemala.  Don’t count on straight loads of the tropical fruit, but sometimes a few pallets can help you get where you need to go.