A Little Reflection as We Enter the New Year

A Little Reflection as We Enter the New Year

BillysShit 053It’s New Year’s Day and pardon me if I reflect a bit on the past year.

As for this website, HaulProduce.com, I can’t thank each of you enough for visting the website.  Apparently you are finding it useful in your business.  That was my whole purpose in launcing this site nearly two years ago.

I receive calls on a regular basis, and in many cases when you are looking for produce loads.   Some of you call under the impression I am either a carrier, logistics company or a truck broker – none of which I pretend to be.  Haul Produce.com, much like the radio reports I did for nearly 20 years (known at the Produce Truckers Network) provided produce reports on loading opportunities, quality of product you’d be hauling and a general idea of what kind of a gross freight rate you should receive.

Our number of visits to the website continue to increase.  It has a relatively new feature, where you can subscribe for free, which continues to have more people in the trucking industry signing up.  With the free subscription, you receive an e-mail consisting of a paragraph relating to the most recent post.  If that bit of information interests you, you can click on the e-mail link and read to the whole story.

Again, thank you for your support.  If you know of a fellow trucker or someone in the trucking industry who may benefit from the HaulProduce.com website, please let them know about us.

God bless you, your family and business in the New Year. — Bill and Vivian Martin