A Roundup of Loadings in New York State, Michigan and the Appalachian States

A Roundup of Loadings in New York State, Michigan and the Appalachian States

RdTkHPFrom New York state to the Appalachian States and in Michigan, here is a round up of some loading opportunities.

After devastating freeze losses in 2012, New York apple shipments are enjoying a very strong comeback season, while expecting a record volume exceeding 32 million boxes.  Loadings reported brisk, averaging around 250 truck loads per week.   While the Hudson Valley leads apple shipments, loadings also occur from the Champlain Valley, Central and Western areas of the state.  New York shippers expect a relatively normal end to its season when some companies will finish shipping in late May or June, while others will continue shipping into July.

New York also is shipping storage onions, led by Orange County, with around 150 truck loads are being shipped weekly.  Additonally Western New York is shipping cabbage.

New York cabbage – grossing about $1600 to New York City.

Michigan Produce Shipments

In a similar situation to New York, the state of Michigan has made a major rebound this season with apples.  It is moving similar volume compared to New York as well, averaging around 250 truck loads per week.  Michigan also is shipping  a moderate amount of potatoes, along with light volumes of onions.  A majority of Michigan winter produce shipments originate in the Western part of the state.

Michigan apples – grossing about $3300 to Dallas.

Appalachian Apple Shipments

The apple shipping region known as the Appalachian District comprises portions of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.  There is light, but steady volume with apples being loading here.