Michigan and New York, Both to have Big Volume Apple Shipments

Michigan and New York, Both to have Big Volume Apple Shipments

DSCN4289The states of Michigan and New York at various times claim to be the second largest shipper of apples (Washington state is the easy first), but both states will have large, and similar sized crops this season.

Michigan apple shipments should hit about 28.7 million bushels of apples this year, which isn’t that far off of their record setting 2013 crop, which was 30 million bushels.  The estimate is showing what many Michigan apple shippers been predicting for several years. The average Michigan apple crop size will continue to increase.  Because of the high-density plantings (approximately 1,000 trees per acre) and advancements in technology, Michigan is going to continue to produce a larger quantity of apples.

Michigan blueberry shipments – grossing about $2700 to Atlanta; Michigan vegetable shipments grossing about 20 percent less.  Too few apples yet, to quote.

New York Apple Shipments

Unlike Michigan, which has most of its apple operations in the Western part of the state, New York grows and ships apples were several different areas, although the heaviest volume originates out of the Hudson Valley.   Still, New York state also ships apples from the Champlain Valley, as well as from areas in the central and western part of the state.   Excellent growing conditions, including a late spring with warm weather, good rainfall, and cool nights have cultivated a harvest which is so far was exceeding the 30 million bushels forecast made this past July.

Western New York vegetable shipments – grossing about $1500 to  Baltimore.