Here are Some Loading Opportunities from 5 Different States

Here are Some Loading Opportunities from 5 Different States


From New York state, to Washington state, with Idaho, Texas and New Mexico thrown in, here’s a glimpse at some produce loading opportunities.

New York Onion Shipments

Harvest of Orange County, NY onions got underway last week, but it will be another five or six weeks before everyone is digging. The initial focus will be moving onions into storage. Good quality and normal sized crop are seen.

Orange County onions are typically shipped to markets in the Eastern half of the United States. Once the harvest is complete loadings will start building in volume.

Stone Fruit Shipments

Washington state shippers are saying this is one of their best apricot crops in years. The fruit will be having peak shipments for the next two weeks or so from the Yakima and Wenatchee valleys. The state also is shipping heavy volumes of peaches, nectarines and cherries.  Washington is averaging nearly 1,500 truck loads of cherries per week.

Washington state cherries and other fruit – grossing about $7400 to New York City.

Idaho Potato Shipments

Even though Idaho has entered the final leg of the 2013-14 shipping season for potatoes, it is still loading around 1600 truckload equivalents per week, primarily out of the upper valley, Twin Fallsl-Burley area.

Idaho potatoes – grossing about $3000 to Chicago.

Texas Produce Shipments

Watermelon shipments, primarily from Eastern parts of the Lone Star State  are averaging about 750 truckloads per week.  Meanwhile, potato volume is increasing from the Hereford High Plains area in West Texas, as well as from Eastern New Mexico.  Southern New Mexico onion shipments are increasing and averaging over 875 truckloads per week.

Texas watermelons – grossing about $2400 to Atlanta.

New Mexico onions – about $3600 to Chicago.