Outlook for Fall Fruit Shipments from California

Outlook for Fall Fruit Shipments from California

DSCN4469While California’s overall fruit shipments in the fall may not match those of summertime, there are some exception when looking at individual commodities.  Here is a round up on leading California fruit shipments this fall.

Grape Shipments

At least 60 percent of California grape shipments occur after Labor Day and continue into January.  Since California is easy the biggest table grape shipping state, we are talking about a lot of fruit.  The shipping season actually started last May from the desert and the total season forecast calls for 116.5 million, 19-pound cartons to be shipped.  That is less than one million cartons away from last season record setting shipments.

Citrus Shipments

Larger volumes of  tangerinees (which includes mandarins) are forecast this fall.  Numbers are not yet available, but last season there were 26 million, 40-pound cartons of tangerines shipped….Navel orange loadings should become available sometime in October, with full volume coming in November — and in time for Thanksgiving shipments.

Kiwi Shipments

Kiwifruit loadings  are predicted to be about 7 million tray equivalents, similar to last season.

Pomegranate Shipments

Loadings of pomegranates have been increasing 20 percent annually in recent years, and volume once again should be bigger – estimated at 6 million 25-pound box equivalents.

Apple Shipments

California apple shipments pale in comparison to that of Washington state.   Shipments have been underway since late July and will last into November.

Strawberry Shipments

Peak shipments from the Watsonville area occurred during July and August.  There still good volume, but seasonally lower amounts are still occurring there.  In October, strawberry shipments will shift to Oxnard and the Baja California peninsula of Mexico.

Watsonville strawberries, Salinas Valley vegetables – grossing about $5600 to Cleveland.

Central San Joaquin Valley table grapes, stone fruit, vegetables – grossing about $6,600 to Orlando.