Texas Shipments Gaining on Calif; Vidalia Volume is Down

Texas Shipments Gaining on Calif; Vidalia Volume is Down


DSCN5899Texas appears to be gaining ground on California when it comes to fresh produce shipments…..In Georgia, Vidalia onion shipments apparently will be down overall as product is now coming out of storage.

Texas produce shipments are becoming ever more important when it comes to spot rates for refrigerated loads.  This appears to be due to increased fruit and vegetable production in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, plus more imports than ever from Mexico, as well as shift in demand from California in part because of the prolonged drought.

Although California had regained the top spot in late June, Texas volumes in the spot refrigerated freight market has surpassed California for the first time in early June, according to Mark Montague, manger of industry pricing for DAT Solutions.

Lower Rio Grande Valley watermelons and Mexican produce crossing the border – grossing about $2700 to Chicago.

Vidalia Onion Shipments

Vidalia onion shipments will be down as much as 40 percent this season for some shippers.  Whether the reduction is due to excessive rains, or spring weather having too hot of temperatures, opinions vary.  But shipments will be down, it’s just a matter of how much, since some shippers appear to have been hit harder than others.  Vidalia onions are now being shipped out of storage, which can be “ify” some years when adverse weather or disease creates quality issues.

Southeastern Georgia Vidalia onions, as well as Southern Georgia bell peppers, sweet corn, eggplant, watermelons and squash – grossing about $3000 to New York City.