Pre-July 4th Shipments Should be Heavy on Favorite Produce Items

Pre-July 4th Shipments Should be Heavy on Favorite Produce Items

DSCN3786There should be excellent loading opportunities for produce haulers as shipments start to ramp up ahead of the Fourth of July.  Here’s a round up of some Independence Day produce favorites.

Watermelon Shipments

On the East Coast watermelons loadings will be available from Northern Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.  While Florida melon shipments are rapidly declining, Georgia loadings just started this week, with decent volume seen the week of June 15th….Meanwhile, in North Carolina, shipments of seeded watermelons should get underway around June 25th, followed by seedless melons about July 1st.

Northern Florida watermelons – grossing about $3200 to New York City.

In the Midwest, Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri are typically shipping watermelons by late June or early July.  However, use caution as many of these regions have been hit with heavy rains and cloudy weather for days on end.  It has to have adversely affected quality, at least with some of these production areas.  However, hot, dry weather has set in the past week or so.  Maybe this will help.

Sweet Corn Shipments

Georgia should be shipping good volumes of sweet corn ranging from Bainbridge to the Vidalia area.

South Georgia sweet corn, or vegetables – grossing about $3600 to Boston.

Berry Shipments

Heavy volume with strawberries should be coming out of the Watsonville/Salinas area.  California also will have strawberry loadings from the Santa Maria district…..California blueberry shipments could be a little “ify.”  “Blues” are now shifting from the Golden State to Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

Watsonville berries and Salinas Valley vegetables – grossing about $7500 to New York City.